LeBron James Rumored To Be Scouting Philadelphia School For His Kids, Reports ‘Cavs Nation’

Chris PizzelloAP Images

LeBron James has a big decision to make this summer regarding his free agency. The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar will have to figure out if he wants to resign with the Cavs, and stay in the city that loves him more than any other sports figure, or if he will take his talents to another team.

While many believe that LeBron James may decide to stay in Cleveland, there are a ton of rumors circulating that a handful of teams are in the running to land LeBron this summer. Teams such as the Houston Rockerts, L.A. Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and the Philadelphia 76ers are allegedly planning to make plays for James after the season ends.

According to a Feb. 19 report by Cavs Nation, rumors are flying that LeBron James may have scouted a school in Philly for his children to attend this fall. While L.A. seemed like the biggest candidate to land James in the off season, assuming he wanted to leave Cleveland for a second time, Philadelphia also reportedly has intrigue with dynamic players like Joel Embid and Ben Simmons.

However, Cleveland Cavaliers fans should not worry. The rumor originated on Twitter via a writer for Barstool Sports. While he revealed that the rumor was unconfirmed, he later got confirmation that LeBron James’ alleged Philadelphia trip was not true, stating that “reliable sources” called the rumor “so dumb.” The writer apologized for spreading the rumor and then set the record straight.


While this rumor may have been debunked, it’s only one of many when it comes to the LeBron James sweepstakes. ESPN has been devoting a ton of screen time to analysts who are weighing in on what they think LeBron will do, or should do, in the off season. Meanwhile, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, NBA stars spoke out on LeBron’s free agency during All-Star Weekend, and the majority of those asked revealed they believed that The King not only will resign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that he should remain in Cleveland, where he is beloved by fans.

LeBron James has refused to comment on his free agency, and reveals that he has no idea what he’ll do in the off season, because he’s currently focused on the season at hand, and getting back to the NBA finals with the Cavs for the fourth straight season.