Disgruntled ‘Counting On’ Fans Blame Jazz Jennings For Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard’s Exits

Derick Duggar Dillard and Astrid StawiarzInstagram/Getty Images

Derick Dillard, husband of Jill Duggar Dillard, has been ousted from her family’s show, Counting On, though no one is quite sure if he was fired or if he and Jill left on their own volition. Derick maintains he and Jill made their exit on their own terms. However, TLC released a rather vague statement saying they no longer work with Derick or Jill.

The reality TV star left the show following remarks that he made about teenager Jazz Jennings, a transgender girl who has allowed TLC to document her transition and advocacy on a show entitled I Am Jazz. Derick Dillard subsequently made derogatory remarks about Jazz on his social media, saying it was a shame TLC broadcast the show. He also deliberately misgendered her and stated that “transgender is a myth.”

Although the public called for Derick’s termination, many Duggar family fans incorrectly believe that by firing Derick, they are violating his freedom of speech. According to others, it is an example of Christian persecution that Derick could not speak out about Jazz’s identity.

Other fans of the Duggar family feel that it was inappropriate of TLC to fire Derick (or allow him to quit, depending on which story is correct) and that they should have fired Jazz instead.

Many fans have also expressed that TLC doesn’t “know its audience” by keeping Jazz, and that fans want to see more of the wholesome Duggar family over her journey to womanhood.

“Can’t wait, but wish TLC had not took jazz over Jill. Jazz is garbage,” one fan wrote.

“We love Jill and want her and her hubby back! Really who is more watched? Huh? Anything Duggar or that Jazz show? You should put all the Duggars back on and ditch that stupid Jazz show,” another wrote.

Others felt that Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Dillard should have pitched Counting On to another network in order to avoid issues like this one.

“I can’t believe TLC kicked Jill off the show… by the way, Derick is right with everything he said and if I could find Counting On another channel I definitely would,” a third chimed in.

Jazz’s bullying in just one post got to be so much that another poster chimed in reminding them that Jazz is a human being like everyone else. Others were firm that God doesn’t make mistakes, so Jazz should have been kicked off TLC.

It is unclear if Jill was fired or if she decided to no longer appear because her husband had been fired or made a decision that they no longer wanted their family on the show.

Derick has invited several members of the LGBTQ community to his church to help educate them about Jesus. The event is set for next Sunday.