Top 10 Coolest Things I Saw At The 2013 CES

Kyle Murphy

The international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's largest gadgets and electronics trade show and this year I was given the opportunity to attend the Las Vegas show with a group of IQ writers where I covered various offerings from the event.

CES is not open to public but more than 150,000 industry personnel attend this huge show every single year. So huge, in fact, that the exhibitors were spread out over 1.9 million feet of exhibit space.

While I was at CES I saw a lot of cool gadgets and a lot of new technological advancements, a lot of which are still some time away from actually hitting the market.

Since I took pictures of everything in sight I thought I would share my opinion on the coolest sights at CES.

#10) Vietnam's Tosy Disco Robots - DiscoRobo, a new generation of hi-tech toy, is the smart combination of entertainment and technology. They don't have much practical use, but they were incredibly entertaining to watch.

Dancing Robots

#9) Lego introduced a new line of EV3 Mindstorm robots. These new EV3 robot kits allow you to create robots and program them to do what you want them to do.Lego Unveils Mindstorm EV3 Robots

#8) The new line of Martian Watches - These watches allow you to wirelessly communicate with your phone. The user can use their Martian Watch to answer phone calls, make phone calls, set calendar notifications, and listen and reply to text messages.

New Line Of Martian Watches

#7 - The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadrotor drone that can be flown by your iPhone or programmed to be ran by your computer.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 - Smartphone Controlled HD Quadrocopter

#6) The Cars - There were a lot of cars on display at this years CES. Whether it was to showcase a new kind of sound system or to just draw in a crowd ... these cars were incredibly cool.

An Ashton Martin On Display At CES

#5) Rev Run at PEPCOM- The night before CES started, PEPCOM held their Digital Experience and Jabra asked Rev Run to make an appearance.Rev Run Fro, Run DMC Was Asked To Make An Appearance At PEPCOM

#4) Philip Defranco - Philip DeFranco was also among the thousands to check out CES. He was actually part of the Engadget CES podcast on Wednesday.

Philip Defranco Was At CES

#3) The Hisense 110" Ultra LED TV - Even though, this TV did not have the highest picture quality of the show, I still think that it had to be one of the sleekest looking TVs presented.The 4K Ultra High 110

#2) Alice Eve - I happened to run into Alice Eve in Las Vegas. She was attending the 2013 CES to help unveil Paramount Pictures and Qualcomm's Star Trek Into Darkness app.

Hisense's Transparent 3D TV

What do you think of my top 10 list of 2013 CES?