Trump On Twitter: ‘I Have Been Much Tougher On Russia Than Obama, Just Look At The Facts’

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday, February 20 to address controversy about his actions against Russian election meddling in comparison to former President Barack Obama’s treatment of Russia. As seen in the below tweet published at 8:38 a.m., President Trump wrote that he has been “much tougher” on Russia than President Obama was and urged his readers to “look at the facts.”

President Trump previously shifted blame to Mr. Obama, reports the New York Times, when Trump published the below previous tweets containing a quote from Mr. Obama claiming there was no evidence of election rigging. Mr. Trump claimed that the “Russian excuse” became a narrative for Democrats to use as a reason for losing the most recent presidential election.

In spite of President Trump’s claims of being tougher on Russia than Mr. Obama, some of Mr. Trump’s Twitter followers begged to differ and pointed to previous actions by Mr. Obama against Russian election meddling. As reported by NPR, President Obama sent the order to shutter two Russian diplomatic compounds. On December 29, 2016, Mr. Obama also expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S.

Tweets from President Trump asking why Mr. Obama didn’t “do something about Russian meddling” are getting a big response on Twitter.

As reported by USA Today, President Trump’s Twitter attack on Mr. Obama was Mr. Trump’s response to 16 Russian nationals being indicted by a grand jury on Friday, with accusations of mimicking Americans on social media in order to create a sort of psychological warfare in the presidential campaign.

President Trump has previously claimed in the below tweet that Mr. Obama did not want to “anger Russia” amid claims that former President Obama knew that the Russians allegedly interfered with the election process in the U.S. three years ago. Whereas President Trump is garnering comments on Twitter from social media users asking him about imposing sanctions on Russia, Mr. Trump gained support from Rep. Adam Schiff, who told CNN that “the Obama administration should have done more” about Russia but claimed that President Obama’s camp was “very wary of appearing to be putting their hand on the scale in the election.”