Watch Out! Intense Battle Of Luffy And Katakuri In ‘One Piece’ Chapter 895

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Can’t get enough of the battles happening in the popular anime One Piece? Well, it seems like there are still more intense scenes to watch out for!

One Piece features yet another match between Pirate Luffy and vs. Commander Katakuri. Avid readers have proven how robust Commander Charlotte Katakuri is in every battle. If that is not enough, he just added another fighting skill that will make us admire him more! Because of his mochi donut attacks, he is now fondly called the “Donutman.”

On the other hand, Katakuri is not the only one who has a new skill to show off. Captain Luffy has a counter-attack to Katakuris’. Luffy now exposes his new Gear Fourth form, which is the “Snakeman”! With their attacks against each other, the two fighters concluded that they will end the encounter in an extreme way.

With Luffy’s new fighting skill, he was able to move faster. This technique also made his punches more intense every time he shoots it to Katakuri. Even with Commander Katakuri’s great defense, Luffy’s powerful punches knocks him away, causing him to land on a wall. However, even though Luffy’s Gear, the 4th Snakeman, improved his flexibility and speed, it comes with a side effect. According to Christian Today, it is believed that the Snakeman transformation lets him say everything that is on his mind, including how Katakuri’s punches hurt and even how hungry he was.

With that idea, Katakuri decided to unleash his attack. After recovering from tons of punches against Luffy, Sweet Commander Katakuri made himself into a donut shape and rolled toward Luffy making mochi donut attacks. This new attack features high-speed discs that knock down the opponent. With that kind of energy, the Sweet Commander struck out a mochi arm attack, or what he calls the Diced Mochi covered with Busoshoku Haki, straight to Luffy. This kind of attack prevents Luffy from escaping because of the stickiness of the mochi.

One Piece Magna character Luffy.
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Because of this immense battle, it is tough to tell who will have the victory. Both Captain Luffy and Sweet Commander Katakuri are determined to win! Unfortunately, it was revealed that Eiichiro Oda will take a week-long break before releasing Chapter 896.

However, rumors are spreading about the conclusion of the final battle of Luffy against Katakuri. Redditor maxpower8421 predicts that Luffy will win the battle and release a deadly blow to the point that it will make Katakuri physically ejected from the Mirror World. But there’s also a possibility that Katakuri will let Luffy go if the fight ends in a draw.

Things are getting pretty intense, and it seems like One Piece fans have to wait for a little longer for the next chapter to know who will win the battle.