Blac Chyna Explicit Tape: Some Reactions On Twitter

Bennett RaglinGetty Images

Nothing is off-topic for social media, including the Blac Chyna explicit tape that was released recently. The celebrity socialite seems to be the victim of revenge porn according to reports. A video of the mother-of-two performing oral activity on an unknown lover has got the internet buzzing. The former stripper has become even more popular for the wrong reasons with the release of the explicit tape. The former fiancé of Rob Kardashian seems to be upset and devastated after the release of the video, according to OK! Magazine. The socialite is talking to the cops according to TMZ and her lawyer says it is a “criminal matter”, according to a report on Fox News.

However, on a lighter note, social media has been hilariously reacting to the 83-second footage, especially on Twitter. While some have expressed their disappointment with Blac Chyna, others have requested for a better video from the celebrity. A good number of Twitter users have criticised her performance rather than condemn the release of the video. A tweet by Suga says, “that’s why Tyga left Blac Chyna for Kylie.” Another reference to the Kardashians by a twitter user named Poisoned Youth says, “Kim needs to give Blac Chyna some lessons…”

Interestingly, user Michael C Jordan has accused the celebrity of leaking the tape herself, including a meme with his tweet. Some of the most popular tweets say Blac Chyna ruined Black History Month, stating how it went from Black Panther to Blac Chyna. Another user says, “we really gotta stop giving people like Blac Chyna attention.” One of the hilarious tweets was by Melissa Huff-Billingsley who says, “I think Fergie leaked the Blac Chyna tape….she had to pass that L on to the next…lmao well played.” The user was making reference to Fergie’s poor rendition of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, hilariously accusing her of diverting attention.


In addition to the funny tweets, some users spiced things up with the inclusion of befitting memes. Melanin MUA even offered to give Chyna some lessons in her tweet. Gem Tree, in her defense, says, “…Blac Chyna was half asleep?” A user by the name Antman says, “Fergie better send Blac Chyna a thank you card.” While some users have requested for the explicit video, Blac Chyna continues to trend on Twitter. A search on twitter displays some of the reactions to the trending video of the model.


On a more serious note, Lisa Bloom, one of Blac Chyna’s attorneys, said in a tweet, “Girls have killed themselves over revenge porn. It’s not a joke.” This is not the first time Chyna has been a victim of the release of an explicit video. Rob Kardashian allegedly leaked some nude pictures of the celebrity on Instagram last year, according to TMZ.