‘Bachelor: Women Tell All’ Spoilers: Arie Luyendyk’s Gals Face Off, Clashes Reportedly Brew Says Reality Steve


Arie Luyendyk Jr. is on the verge of handing out his final rose for Season 22, but up next, ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season will highlight the women who have already been eliminated. The “Women Tell All” special airs on Sunday, February 25 and gossip king Reality Steve says he has the scoop on what went down at the taping.

ABC’s calendar confirms that the “Women Tell All” will air Sunday night, with Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s overnight date episode airing on Monday, February 26. This timing is a bit unusual since the “WTA” usually airs after the overnight date episode and before the finale. Viewers are accustomed to the final two Bachelor contestants not being present for this reunion, but in this case, the final three will all be missing because of the adjusted timing of the reunion filming and airing.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that filming for the “Women Tell All” took place in Los Angeles on Tuesday, February 12. He noted that as he suspected would be the case, Kendall Long, Becca Kufrin, and Lauren Burnham were all absent, since at the time the “WTA” will air, they’re all still in contention for Luyendyk’s final rose. However, Tia Booth was there, as were 17 other Season 22 bachelorettes.

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that five different ladies spent time in the infamous “hot seat” next to host Chris Harrison. Viewers will see Tia up there, along with Seinne Fleming, Bekah Martinez, Chelsea Roy, and Krystal Nielson. As many people would suspect, Krystal’s experience in the hot seat is the roughest, and it sounds as if this will be a major focus of Sunday’s “Women Tell All.”

Filming for Sunday’s special reportedly took around nine hours, and all of that footage will be boiled down to about 80 minutes of Bachelor-related drama. Given that, some of the tidbits Reality Steve heard about will be edited out, but he detailed that Krystal will catch a lot of heat.

For starters, everybody will see a clip package of Krystal’s time on the show, and one tidbit will reveal that Nielson said some rather crude things about Arie to Maquel when she seemingly thought the Bachelor microphones wouldn’t pick it up. Spoilers tease that Nielson calls Luyendyk a “needle d**k,” and this tidbit was confirmed by Access Online as Ashley Iaconetti interviewed Nielson after the “WTA” filming.

The other ladies reportedly tear into Krystal throughout the course of the “WTA.” Also, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers note that she had been drinking quite a bit before filming started, so it sounds as if she may have struggled to defend herself amid all of the attacks. Later, when Arie comes out on stage, Krystal asks if she can sit next to him. She apparently does, but Luyendyk gave her the cold shoulder and said he should have cut her earlier than he did.

Chelsea Roy will talk about how she felt blindsided by her elimination and Bachelor spoilers share that Seinne will admit that she hadn’t been comfortable with the idea of introducing Arie to her family had she gotten a hometown date. Tia will be emotional as she watches a clip package of her time on the show, but viewers shouldn’t expect anything too juicy from Booth’s time in the hot seat.

Bekah Martinez and Tia will butt heads a bit over the tense three-on-one date they had with Arie that led to Bekah’s elimination, but it doesn’t sound as if it gets too ugly. Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers did tease one other juicy moment from the “Women Tell All” special, but viewers will have to wait and see how much attention it gets.

The gossip king has already shared explosive spoilers about what happened with Arie and his pick recently, and there have been teasers about some major drama that is on the way. Reality Steve’s spoilers break down how bachelorette Caroline Lunny referenced the upcoming drama when Luyendyk was up on stage during the “WTA,” and the gossip guru noted that Caroline is very close to fellow bachelorette Becca Kufrin.

Viewers may also see some footage of Marikh Mathias talking about her frustration over being “glam shamed” by the other women. She explained that due to her alopecia, she spends a lot of time on her hair, and some of the other women apparently gave her a hard time for that. However, it seems that not everybody on stage during the Bachelor“WTA” was on board with the idea that “glam shaming” is really a thing.

Can Krystal Nielson redeem herself and will any of the Season 22 bachelorettes make enough of an impression to score the spring Bachelorette gig? Will Arie Luyendyk Jr. be able to smoothly handle things with the ladies he’s already let go? ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season still has plenty of intense moments left and Sunday night’s “Women Tell All” should be a juicy and fun special for this season’s fans.