Eva Marcille And Shamea Morton Trade Jabs Over Missy Elliott Rumor

John SciulliGetty Images

Things are heating up between Eva Marcille and Shamea Morton. As the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta episode aired, Eva lashed out at Shamea on Twitter over how Shamea, during the group’s Barcelona trip, had brought up the rumor that Eva once dated Missy Elliott and is a lesbian. In her tweets, Eva branded Shamea as a fame-hungry woman who said what she did in a desperate bid to get fame. Not surprisingly, Shamea didn’t stay quiet. In her own social media post, Shamea criticized Eva for slamming her on Twitter. In going after Eva, Shamea even went so far as to negatively bring up the fact that Eva, unlike her, is an unwed mother.

Eva first called Shamea “as whack as they come.”


Eva then called Shamea “irrelevant” and lashed out at her for trying to out people who are supposedly gay. According to Eva, Shamea’s behavior shows that she may be homophobic.


As previously reported the Inquisitr, Shamea said in a RHOA After Show video posted on Bravo’s website last week that she heard from people that Cynthia Bailey’s love interest, Will Jones, is gay and frequents predominately gay bars.

Eva wasn’t done there. In her last tweet of the night, Eva wrote that Shamea’s “thirst is real.”


In an Instagram post, Shamea responded to Eva’s criticism by pointing out that despite supposedly being irrelevant, Eva’s tweeting about her. Shamea also wrote that there “are no sperm donors” over in her household with her husband and that Eva should try living in her skin as they do. It seems that with her “living in my truth” comment, Shamea was implying that Eva is not being truthful about who she is and her lifestyle.

On the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Shamea Morton asked Eva Marcille, in front of the other housewives on the Barcelona trip, if her boyfriend is okay with her dating women as well. As the other women looked on, Shamea explained that she heard Eva once dated rapper and entertainer Missy Elliott. Eva vehemently denied that she dated Missy Elliott or any other woman. Eva also made it clear that she did not like how Shamea basically tried to out her as a lesbian when they didn’t even really know one another.

In a RHOA After Show video posted on Bravo’s website posted after the episode aired, Eva once again denied ever having dated Missy Elliott or any other women.

“Let’s be clear, she doesn’t know me from Adam so she claims that this is her way of getting to know me. Like this is way too personal to try to just get to know someone…I’ve never dated women. I’ve never dated Missy. I’ve never dated any of these people. They’re my friends. They are friends that I’ve had in this business for a very long time.”

Shamea defended herself by feigning innocence over how upsetting her question would be to Eva. Shamea also pointed out that such questioning and accusations are to be expected on Real Housewives.

“I thought it was open. I didn’t think that it was like a sore spot because I had thought that she had taken the girl to an award ceremony at some point. I didn’t even know I was touching on some untapped waters or something…If you want to be in this group, you gotta toughen up. I had to. Hell, I was accused of sleeping with Kandi and Todd! And look at me, I’m still hanging out! Come on down!”

That defense wasn’t good enough for Eva Marcille. Eva gave her opinion that Shamea Morton’s simply “thirsty” for fame.

“No, you’re bring thirsty! I know that this may be new for Shamea, this thing called fame. She knows nothing about the life of an entertainer so maybe she doesn’t understand how disrespectful that is.”