U.S. Skier Mikaela Shiffrin’s Boyfriend, French Skier Mathieu Faivre, Sent Home From Winter Olympics

French Alpine skier and boyfriend of American skier Mikaela Shiffrin, Mathieu Faivre, was sent home from the Winter Olympics in South Korea for being a bad sport and lacking team spirit. Faivre was sent home from the Winter Olympics after the French Olympic team found out that he told the press that he did not care about the medals won by his teammates, but only about his own successes.

The French Alpine Olympic team confirmed today that Mathieu Faivre has been sent back to France after his views were deemed to be unsportsmanlike and lacking in team spirit, reported the Daily Mail. Faivre made the comments to the press after he finished a disappointing seventh, and his teammate, Alexis Pinturault, won the bronze medal.

Mathieu Faivre apologized, saying that the press asked him what he thought too soon after his seventh-place finish, and he was upset.

“I said that the performance of the team was the least of my concerns when responding to a question (about) how I felt about the French team’s overall good performance. When asked to describe my feelings on the race 10 minutes after I had crossed the finish line, only my performance and my failure were present.”


French Skier Mathieu Faivre Gave A Half-Hearted Apology On Facebook

It’s unclear if his girlfriend, American skier Mikaela Shiffrin’s gold medal win, played any role in why Mathieu Faivre was so discouraged. But Faivre said that coming from Nice, a city in southern France, that he was prone to outbursts.

“People don’t react the same faced with failure and I have to admit, coming from the south, that I am hot-blooded. So words somehow overtook my thoughts. I did not want to show disrespect to anyone, I was extremely proud to have represented my country and I thank those people who made it possible.”

Mathieu Faivre was thought to be a strong contender for the France team mixed-sex Alpine team event, to take place on Saturday, but he has been asked not to return to South Korea for the event.


The French Olympic Team Said That Mathieu Faivre Was Sent Home For Disciplinary Causes

But People Magazine reported that, in his apology, Mathieu Faivre didn’t accurately portray what he had said after his seventh-place race. Team France says that Faivre was sent home for disciplinary reasons.

“If only you knew what I think about the group collective. I felt I was skiing well in the second run, but when I saw where I’d finished it was like a slap in the face. I’m here to race for myself only. Don’t expect miracles — eighth is my best place in the World Cup.”

Girlfriend Mikaela Shiffrin would not comment on Faivre’s dismissal from the Winter Olympics for poor sportsmanship.