Donna From ‘Black Ink Crew’ Bathroom Sex Tape Video With Co-Star Alex Surfaces Online

Donna Lombardi and her Black Ink Crew co-star Alex appeared in a bathroom sex tape that has been circulating online. The series is currently in its sixth season and Alex, who goes by the nickname “The Vagina Slayer,” is seen getting frisky with Donna in the NSFW video.

Alex is a new cast member and immediately rubbed the manager Melody the wrong way with his nickname. Many fans of the series are wondering when the sex tape was taken because Donna is in a relationship with Mo in the sixth season.

Donna eventually moved in with new cast member Jadah Blue, who she was flirting with despite Walt’s interest in pursuing a relationship with her.

It was revealed that Donna appeared on a series called Help Me Howard after her roommate wanted her evicted from an apartment they shared. The Black Ink Crew star subsequently attacked her former roommate’s sister when she confronted her in the Black Ink store.

Donna also got into another fight when she got offended at the new manager Tatiana’s criticism of her tattoo work.

It is unclear whether Donna and Mo are still in a relationship or if the sex tape is part of the plot for the current season. The last photo of the couple on Instagram was posted on January 23, 2018. Donna has not seemed interested in pursuing a relationship Alex in the current episode so the bathroom video took many fans by surprise.

In the short NSFW video, neither Donna nor Alex’s face is shown in the video but they are identifiable by their tattoo’s and Donna hairstyle in a picture taken before the tryst. Alex can be seen getting intimate with Donna while rolling a marijuana blunt.

This Name Got Alotta History Behind It ????????‍♂️????

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Neither Alex or Donna have commented on the viral video circulating on social media.

Black Ink Crew Season 6 spoilers ahead.

In a recent episode, the Black Ink Crew went to South Korea to help Young Bae search for her mother. The crew becomes suspicious that Donna is pregnant but it turns out that Young Bae is the one that is with a child.

Fans will have to await whether Season 6 of Black Ink Crew addresses the video of Alex and Donna in later episodes.