Cynthia Bailey Speaks Out On Ex Peter Thomas' New Girlfriend

It seems that Peter Thomas has truly moved on from the demise of his marriage to Cynthia Bailey. During Cynthia's appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, she confirmed that her ex-husband now has a girlfriend. Cynthia also spoke out on whether she has met the woman.

During the talk show, Andy read a question from a fan asking Cynthia for her thoughts on Peter's new girlfriend. Andy expressed surprise that Peter has a girlfriend. Cynthia confirmed that Peter is in a relationship.

"Oh he does, he does have a new girlfriend."
When Andy asked Cynthia if she has met the girlfriend, she laughingly said no. Cynthia then quickly added that she's happy for Peter.
"No [laughs]. I haven't met her but I'm happy for Peter. Yeah I'm happy for him."
During the talk show, Cynthia also revealed whether she and Peter ever got intimate after they split. Immediately after Cynthia talked about Peter's new relationship, a viewer called in to ask Cynthia if she has ever had a "booty call" with Peter after their divorce announcement. Cynthia maintained that she and Peter never had any "booty calls" since their split. While Cynthia admitted that she and Peter still have great chemistry, she explained that she can't get intimate with Peter again because that would re-open their relationship.
"Peter and I still have great chemistry, that's obvious. Okay, I still love Peter but things didn't work out, we've moved on. Peter is, you know, Peter's Peter, I can't let him back up in here and be like, 'Okay now you know you gotta go again.' If Peter comes back, he's back, so I can't do booty calls with him. I haven't had booty calls with Peter okay?"
So far this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Peter Thomas has made several appearances. On last week's episode, Cynthia Bailey had lunch with Peter to discuss why he left without greeting her when they were both at Kandi Burruss' Essence magazine cover party. Peter admitted that he did not want to go up to her when she was out on a date with Will Jones. When Cynthia said that she would have introduced Will to Peter, Peter outright told her that he wouldn't have liked that and that he doesn't want to meet anyone that she's with. When Cynthia added that she would want to meet whomever Peter was dating, he was adamant that he wouldn't be introducing her to any girlfriends. Later on the episode, during a group dinner, Porsha Thomas and Kim Zolciak said that they believe that Cynthia still has romantic feelings for Peter and is still not completely over him.As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during Cynthia's previous Watch What Happens Live appearance, she revealed that Peter told her that he isn't watching the current season of Real Housewives. Cynthia also said that she understands how it would be uncomfortable for Peter to watch her on the show dating Will Jones. Even more revealing, Cynthia revealed during that appearance whether she and Will are still together.

So who is Peter Thomas' new girlfriend? So far, he has yet to go public with her. Perhaps in a future season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers will see Cynthia Bailey bumping into Peter when he's out with his girlfriend and trying for force an introduction?