‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoiler: Veto Twist Reveal Before Comp To Throw Houseguests Into Tailspin

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal that the veto twist is bad enough, but when and how it will be revealed will shake up the CBB US houseguests just as they’re heading into the live PoV comp tonight. It should be excellent watching on the Monday, February 19 live eviction episode as production set up this game-changer for maximum impact to mess with the minds of the celebrity houseguests.

Three Veto Options — Revealed Tonight

CBB US spoilers from Big Brother Network indicated that two of the three special veto options this week are powerful while one is almost a poison pill. The Diamond Veto and VIP Veto are the most preferable of the three. The Diamond Veto allows the PoV comp winner to remove a nominee from the chopping block, if they choose to use the power, and also to name the renom, stripping the HoH of their power.

The VIP veto doesn’t come with renom power but allows the winner to remove a nominee, if they so choose, and then play the veto again to remove the renom or the other original nominee. Using this veto power would force the HoH into getting double the blood on their hands by making two renominations in the same veto ceremony.


The Spotlight Veto is the poison pill because it would force the winner to play the Power of Veto whether they want to or not, potentially hurting their gameplay. In a poll by Big Brother Network, the double duty VIP Veto is in a strong lead for preference among CBB US watchers but might not reflect what how the CBS Big Brother vote is going. The voting closed at noon Eastern today.

Veto Twist Revealed Pre-Competition

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Buddy TV share that Julie Chen will tell the houseguests about the details of the veto twist and which veto won the vote just before they head into the veto comp which should throw all of them off their game and force them to think on their feet. Live Feeds show lots of talk about what to do about the twist and wild guesses about the nature of the twist.

Jokers Updates breakdowns from the Live Feeds show that Omarosa is looking for a way to skirt the deal she made with James when he threw her the HoH comp. Omarosa told Metta and Ariadna that she would throw the comp to them, if James plays and fails, so long as the veto power would let them nominate James since she pledged she wouldn’t renom him.

Moving Target For Eviction

CBB US spoilers from the Live Feeds reveal there are several side deals cooking in the house. Mark and James want Brandi voted out if she and Ross remain on the block for tonight’s live eviction, which seems highly unlikely. Ross, Marissa, Mark and James have a tentative final four which Marissa doesn’t plan to honor in the long run and hedged before agreeing to last night only to save Ross from eviction.

Marissa and Ross are championing a plan to get Metta on the block since he wants to go home and hatched another escape from the CBB US house on Saturday night resulting in production clamping things down further. Omarosa offered Ariadna a final three deal with her and Metta if Brandi is voted out since Brandi is her ride or die and is a likely evictee this week. Brandi’s hinky vote didn’t help her cause.

Counting Votes And Renom Potential

Counting votes for the current nominees, Marissa, James, and Mark would vote to evict Brandi over Ross. Ariadna would vote against Ross. Metta’s vote wouldn’t matter if the final four group of Marissa, James, Mark, and Ross stay strong. The voting blocks can’t mathematically drive a tie since there are five votes available, and so long as the Spotlight Veto doesn’t win, the PoV winner could leave noms the same.

Omarosa said on the Sunday Live Feeds from BBN, that she doesn’t know what Metta would do if he wins the veto. Marissa will pull down Ross if she wins and Ariadna would pull down Brandi if she wins. Omarosa can’t realistically put up either Mark or James as renoms since that would burn deals she made. Omarosa would only put up Metta if he asked to go home but otherwise plans to renom Marissa.


CBB US Houseguest Panic Ensues in 3-2-1

However, if Marissa wins the PoV, that’s not an option and means Omarosa would put up Ariadna over Metta if Marissa’s not a possibility. This veto twist is messy (and should be fun) and even more amusing as the houseguests scramble during the comp to assess the effect of the special veto, whether they want to win, and what would happen if they throw it to someone else.

Tonight’s live eviction episode is a must-watch. Tune into CBS tonight at 8 p.m. for what should be rapid-fire action in this one-hour episode as we go from taped filler to the live veto competition and PoV meeting to the live eviction. Who will be evicted tonight? Only Omarosa and the PoV winner will be safe so that leaves the other six celebs potentially eligible for eviction tonight! Watch Big Brother: Celebrity Edition tonight to see what happens and check back often for more Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.