Bravo Stars Have To Agree Not To Sue If They Get An STD While Shooting According To ‘PageSix’

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Bravo has an “STD clause” in place for all of its shows, reportedly so that participants cannot sue them if they contract an STD, or “Sexually Transmitted Disease” during the course of filming the show. PageSix broke the news that many of the Bravo shows (especially the dating and reality shows) have added the “STD clause” to their participants’ contracts.

Bravo Has Added An ‘STD Clause’ To Its Contracts

“We’re told that the stars on a number of Bravo’s reality shows have to sign an ‘STD clause’ promising not to sue the network if they get one or more of a long, enumerated list of itchy infections while filming.”

Bravo shows like Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, Southern Charm, Relationshep, Below Deck and more involve cast members who are in and out of relationships, and Bravo wants nothing to do with the responsibility for STDs that they might contract. Many of the Bravo shows, like Vanderpump Rules, involve people in and out of relationships, and others who cheat on their primary partner.

Just on the Bravo show Vanderpump Rules alone, there have been two weddings among cast members with one already ending in divorce and another, that of Katie and Tom, under stress because Tom admits he might have cheated, but he can’t remember because he had been drinking heavily.


The Bravo Show Vanderpump Rules Brought Up STDs On Their Reunion Show

Network officials claim that an “STD clause” is not uncommon on other networks (other than Bravo), and it is put in place routinely on dating shows in the style of the Bachelor.

“Sources familiar with the contracts say that Bravo washes its hands (thoroughly) of the potential diseases so that it doesn’t get sued if bed-hopping stars pick up something nasty while taking part in its shows.”

PageSix says that the topic of STDs came up on the reunion of the Bravo show, Vanderpump Rules when James Kennedy accused Jax Taylor of being a “dirty, dirty boy” for all of his bed-hopping, adding “it’s called herpes!”

For the record, Jax Taylor has denied that he had the incurable venereal disease in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” interview.

Jersey Shore creator SallyAnn Salsano said that Valtrex, the medication that keeps herpes outbreaks under control was handed out “like M&Ms” on the show.

“Hey kids, it’s time for Valtrex!’ It’s like a herpes nest. They’re all in there mixing it up.”


Networks Other Than Bravo Have An STD Clause, Especially For Dating Shows

AOL says that on Bravo, even the various shows in the Real Housewives franchise include the STD clause, but it’s unclear if Top Chef contestants are forced to do the same because personal relationships are not part of the show. ABC reportedly does a check in advance of all Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants before they start on the show. All of the competitors are required to get checked out, not just finalists.

Bachelor alum Jesse Csincsak said that it was a large STD-free dating pool.

“It’s the sexiest STD-free dating pool on Earth. They make you pee in a cup and draw blood. If you have the virus, you’re not going on the show.”