Leah Messer Responds To Jenelle Evans’ Comments On Recent Podcast

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

The Teen Mom 2 drama has been intense in 2018. Leah Messer has found herself caught in the middle of the battle between Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans. While she generally remains neutral, this time she is speaking up in defense of herself. According to Starcasm, Leah Messer has responded to the comments made by Jenelle Evans on the Brand podcast.

Leah Messer was on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast, Coffee Convos. The two have been friends for years and were catching up on what has been happening in their lives. Apparently, something Messer said upset Jenelle Evans, and since then, there has been plenty of Twitter beef happening. After social media began talking about what was said on the podcast, Evans decided she was going to appear on one herself. Lowry offered her a spot on her podcast, but Jenelle declined.

Over the weekend, Leah Messer responded to what Jenelle Evans said on The Brand. She insinuated that Kailyn Lowry was behind the deterioration of their friendship. Messer said that was not the case, and during the New Year’s filming of Teen Mom 2, she attempted to avoid the entire situation. While her private life may have been all over the place, Messer has never dogged her co-stars or spilled their secrets for financial gain.

A new season of Teen Mom 2 is filming now, and the feuding is only bringing more attention to the show. The cast appears to be split with Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea Houska on the same page. Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus are the odd girls out, which has also sparked a lot of the drama. Messer wants to stay out of the middle, but she didn’t want to let Evans drag her name through the mud. Instead, she decided to clear up what was said.

Twitter is busy with the shade being thrown by Jenelle Evans, but for the most part, Leah Messer is remaining calm despite the constant attacks. Over the last several years, the stars have all grown up and made life changes. Messer has been working on being more positive for her girls and staying away from the drama that has engulfed her Teen Mom 2 co-stars.