‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Leans On Peter, Romance Foundation Laid

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General Hospital spoilers reveal that while Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is still very much in the throes of the grief process, it seems as if the GH writers already may be setting up another romantic storyline for this mom-in-waiting, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. At the moment, Maxie is still grieving deeply for the loss of her husband. However, the alleged romance would start innocently enough. General Hospital spoilers indicate that a friendship could blossom when Maxie leans on Peter August (Wes Ramsey) for support. Of course, she doesn’t know that Peter is Nathan’s half-brother because they share a father in Faison (Anders Hove), which would make for an interesting twist in this particular story arc.

GH recaps at SoapHub recounts how Maxie freaked out when she found out that Faison was Nathan’s real father. She felt that her child would always be in danger because of who his grandfather was, and she had recurring nightmares which only served to exacerbate her nerves. Therefore, it seems safe to say that she wouldn’t knowingly get involved with her husband’s half-brother, much less someone of Faison’s bloodline. Yet, CDL states that these two will bond because Peter never limits Maxie with platitudes such as the notion that time heals all wounds and that Nathan wouldn’t want her to be a sad widow.


Of course, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Peter’s agenda with Maxie may be linked to him feeling responsible for his brother’s widow and unborn child. GH viewers will remember that Faison shot at Peter, but he was mysteriously not injured at the crime scene. Instead, Maxie will remember he saved her life that fateful day that her husband died. The latest General Hospital spoiler promo video shows Maxie running into Peter when she visits Nathan’s gravesite. She will start opening up to her new boss and admit that she knows that visiting his grave only opens old wounds. As she confides in him, a connection between the two will be established.


It seems as if GH writers want to lay the foundation for a romantic dalliance in the future. The storyline would then include all the elements of a juicy love story, including hidden identities, an evil nemesis, and a direct involvement in a spouse’s untimely demise. Kirsten Storms posted a Facebook video where she also divulges critical General Hospital spoiler information.


She dispels the idea that Maxie and Spinelli will reunite, and Soap Central recaps echoed that sentiment in a recent GH episode where Spinelli suggests that Maxie returns to Portland to be closer to him and their daughter, Georgie. She refused, stating that it won’t help her get over Nathan any sooner. She also doubts that Maxie and Jason (Steve Burton) will start dating. Spoilers indicate that the person in Maxie’s future will be someone new. It seems as if Peter August might just be the man to fulfill that role. Catch General Hospital on weekdays on ABC, then check back here for the latest scoop, spoilers, and news.