Gunman ‘Unloads Entire Clip’ Near Texas Roadhouse Restaurant, Shoots 4 Including A 6-Year-Old Child

LM OteroAP Images

An unidentified gunman had reportedly emptied the clip of his semi-automatic handgun on an unsuspecting family as they were on their way to a Roadhouse restaurant on Cinema Ridge near Ingram Road in San Antonio, Texas. Four people, including a 6-year-old child, were shot. The incident happened on Sunday at around 8:45 p.m. CT in the parking lot, which was just a few feet from the popular steakhouse. Several customers who were eating inside the restaurant witnessed the incident and one bullet event hit the restaurant’s wall.

According to a report from Fox News, the perpetrator, described only as an adult male wearing a mask, is still at large. The male suspect reportedly ran off toward a Holiday Inn Hotel, which was near the restaurant’s parking area. No other details regarding the shooter’s height, weight, skin color, or other distinguishing marks have been announced.

During the investigation, authorities found out that the gunman had fired a total of 10 shots, which emptied his semi-automatic handgun’s clip. All of the victims are reportedly related to each other and authorities believe that the shooting was not a random one. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus mentioned in a statement to the media that the incident was not an active shooter situation and that the shooter may have deliberately targeted the family and no one else. The officer also clarified that neither the family nor the shooter had entered the restaurant during the entire ordeal.

Two of the three adult victims have reportedly sustained life-threatening gunshot wounds. The victims were immediately rushed to the hospital where they are now in stable condition. The three adult victims are reportedly in their 20s. The 6-year-old child was reportedly shot in the leg and is expected to fully recover. The identities of the shooting victims have not yet been revealed to the public as of this writing.

The motives for the shooting have not yet been identified as authorities are still continuing their investigation. According to a report from CBS, preliminary findings by investigators suggest that the shooting could be a family violence situation, but other angles will not be dismissed until the investigation is concluded.