‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Metta World Peace Tries To ‘Escape’ The ‘CBB US’ House A Third Time

Sonja FlemmingCBS

The Big Brother house can feel confining on civilian seasons of the series, but it appears especially claustrophobic on the inaugural season of Celebrity Big Brother, as the main backyard is completely closed off and covered by a roof. It may all be a bit too much for houseguest Metta World Peace, who attempted to leave the confines of the CBB US abode for a third time Saturday night.

Sunday evening at about 7 p.m. Celebrity Big Brother house time, Metta, James Maslow, Omarosa, Mark McGrath, and Brandi Glanville congregated in the kitchen area. Omarosa could be heard on live feeds chanting, “Free Metta… Free Mark,” which prompted Brandi to ask the basketball legend, “Metta, what happened last night?”

Before Metta could respond, Brandi said, “I heard that you tried to escape.” When he acknowledged that he had, she lamented, “Baby…” Brandi consoled Metta by telling him they only have a short time left in the CBB US house. Metta agreed and said he did “all the math” in his sleep yesterday when he wanted to leave.

On live feeds, Metta could be heard saying that he was “adding things up,” he had a rough day, he couldn’t sleep, and he was a bit anxious.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the powerhouse athlete has tried to “escape” the Celebrity Big Brother house. According to Entertainment Weekly, Metta has tried to exit the game twice before, once hitting an emergency button asking to be released. The report notes that each time Metta attempted to flee, he was convinced by CBB US producers to remain on the show.

Featured image credit: Monty BrintonCBS

There is only one week left in the Celebrity Big Brother game, so hopefully, Metta can stick it out and compete with his fellow BBCeleb cast members. As live fees spoilers indicate, he is currently not an eviction nominee and his fellow cast members don’t seem to be targeting him as a game threat.

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