Netflix ‘Disjointed’ Cancelled After Season 1

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Sad Netflix news for subscribers who fell in love with the series Disjointed as Netflix has cancelled the series after just one season.

Deadline offers fans of the marijuana-based comedy a glimmer of hope as the studio that produced the series will likely shop for other options for continuing to produce the series. So, there is always a chance someone other than Netflix could renew the series for a Season 2 in the future. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than speculation at this time.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, Disjointed is a marijuana-themed multi-camera workplace sitcom starring Kathy Bates. In addition to Bates, the cast of the series includes Aaron Moten, Elizabeth Alderfer, Tone Bell, Elizabeth Ho, Dougie Baldwin, Chris Redd, and Betsy Sodaro. Former Daily Show head writer David Javerbaum, Chuck Lorre, and Warner Bros. TV created the series.

Kathy Bates plays the role of a woman who has been a lifelong advocate for legalizing marijuana. The series focuses on the workplace of her L.A.-area cannabis dispensary. The series originally landed in the lap of Netflix back in 2016. The decision not to renew Disjointed for a Season 2 came just after Netflix released the second 10 episodes of Season 1 in January.

Deadline notes this is second comedy series created by Chuck Lorre to only survive a single season. The news outlet goes on to note that fans of Lorre will be happy to know he does have another comedy series coming to Netflix called The Kominsky Method starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin.

Unfortunately, Netflix does not make viewer counts for their shows public information. So, there is no way for subscribers and fans of Disjointed to know whether the series got canceled because of lack of reviewers or if it just received poor reviews from critics. An editorial in The Joint Blog notes the series lack of survival is largely thanks to the lack of intellectual approach.

The editorial goes on to claim the series relied too much on the “dumb stoner” audience. The editorial clarifies they did not believe Disjointed was a bad series just that there are things the writers and producers could have done differently to make it a little better than it was.

Many fans of the series have already taken to Twitter and other social media platforms with a petition in an attempt to get the series renewed for Season 2.