Taylor Swift Dead Rumor Surfaces

We’re going two for two on the dead celebrity tumor circuit this weekend following the earlier Miley Cyrus Dead Rumor with a new rumor that claims that Taylor Swift is dead.

If I said the Taylor Swift dead rumors involved a car crash, would you really be surprised? Well you would be, because at least this time round, the confusion may have a logical conclusion.

Apparently, Taylor Swift died in an episode of CSI. You’ll forgive me that I didn’t see it, although I bet Kanye West was tuned in.

In an earlier episode of CSI: Las Vegas, Taylor Swift was stabbed by her mother while playing the role of Haley Jones.

I’m 50/50 on Taylor Swift so I can’t say I’m wishing for her departure, but I can say with certainty: Taylor Swift is not dead, Taylor Swift did not die. Move along now, nothing more to see.