Tim Tebow’s Brother Gloats After Broncos Loss

Where’s your Mile High Messiah now, Denver? Tim Tebow’s brother took to Twitter last night to gloat after the Denver Broncos lost 38-35 against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Broncos, who drafted Tebow in 2010, earned a playoff win with the former Gators quarterback taking the snaps. But then John Elway and the Broncos organization decided that Tebow wasn’t much of a quarterback and decided to trade him in order to acquire Peyton Manning.

Manning, a future hall of famer, was able to get the Broncos back to the playoffs this year but couldn’t manage to bring them past the first round. The former Colts QB threw a costly interception and the Ravens won 38-35 in overtime.

The city of Denver was shocked by the loss and Tim Tebow’s brother took to Twitter to rub some dirt in the wound.

Tebow’s brother Peter wrote: “Am I the only one in Denver who’s happy right now?”

Pete Tebow also retweeted the message “That’s karma, Elway!”

If the Broncos are experiencing the cruel backhand of karma from trading Tim Tebow than the New York Jets should expect a few bad years in the future. The team kept Tebow on the sidelines for most of the season (they even played their third string QB a couple of times instead of giving Tebow the ball) and are expected to trade the former Bronco by next year.