‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff’s Boyfriend Attacked Once More On Social Media

Amy Roloff/Instagram

The boyfriend of Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff is on the hot seat once again after the popular reality TV show star shared photos from their recent Valentine’s Day date. The divorced mother-of-four seems to be painting a target on Chris Marek’s back every time she posts anything about their relationship on social media.

Amy shared a series of photos of herself and Chris, who she affectionately called “My Valentine.” The two spent Valentine’s Day, their second together, at the beach in Pacific City.

“Chris and I had a wonderful time together at the beach,” Amy wrote on her post. “Loved it!”

One of the photos shows the two getting cozy in a restaurant as Chris put his arm over Amy. Roloff also shared photos of a bunch of flowers and a heart-shaped stone. The final photo was a selfie of the couple while at the beach.

Despite the innocence and positive vibes of the photos, some followers used the post to pounce on Marek. A few fans attacked Chris with accusations of him being in the relationship only because of Amy’s fame and fortune, as Radar Online reported.

Some followers shared how they didn’t trust Chris and questioned his intentions. Others went further and called him names.

“You deserve all the happiness in the world… but I still don’t trust Chris… my gut feeling,” said one fan.

“I think he LOVES being in the ‘spotlight’ lol,” said another.

“A little creepy,” said another person who claims she gets an “odd vibe” from Marek. “Hope I’m wrong.”

“Be careful with him he might have a motive being with you,” warned one fan.

“Liked you better with Matt,” said another follower. “#ithink #chrisIs #anOpportunist.”

“He looks like a snake,” another fan said. “Are these two intimate? I don’t trust him.”

Another follower, who claims to have been attacked after sharing her thoughts on Marek, said she found him creepy and thinks he’s an opportunist. She said Chris “wants to stick around hoping to continue getting seen on LPBW.”

“Amy deserves the entire world after putting up with Matt for almost 20yrs,” the fan continued. “I just don’t see it with Chris. I only see dollar signs.”

There are rumors Amy and Chris are already engaged, according to another Radar Online story, and a few followers warned Roloff about taking the next step in her relationship with Marek. In fact, one fan straightforwardly told Amy not to marry Chris.

“Have fun, enjoy the relationship. JUST DON’T MARRY HIM!”

“Be smart [and] have a pre nup agreement,” said another. “It will save you from being sorry later.”

Some other people defended Amy and Chris from the rude followers. One fan told Amy to just “keep going [and] enjoy the moment” especially if the Little People, Big World star is “feeling happy” in the relationship.

Another advised Amy to “never take to heart the trolls and their negativity.” The fan said these people who are rude and spread their “nasty attitudes” were “raised poorly.”

“You can’t help them to be happy,” the fan told Amy. “I enjoy the happiness you choose to share!”

“The second act seems to be agreeing with you,” said another follower. “Unless someone has walked in those shoes, no one know[s] what really goes on behind closed doors. To see you smile and come alive says that the second act was what was needed.”

The negativity thrown at Marek is nothing new as Chris has been targeted by suspicious fans ever since he came into the picture. Even Amy had her doubts about Chris, which led to rumors the two were heading for a breakup, according to another Inquisitr article.

Last year, Amy asked Chris if he was affected by all the attention they get from other people, considering Roloff is a little person and a TV personality. Marek admitted he was bothered at first but eventually learned to let the “snickering or laughing” go since he “really don’t care what they think.”