Matt Lauer Reportedly Told Friend ‘The World Is A Dark Place,’ According To ‘Page Six’

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

While his former Today colleagues are reporting from the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, Matt Lauer has been out of the public eye. According to Page Six, Lauer feels “shame,” and has allegedly told a friend that “the world is a dark place.” Yet, the former NBC anchor is “angry” he was the fall guy, as his behavior was no different from others in the broadcasting world.

Speaking to several sources close to the disgraced television host, Lauer has allegedly told a friend that “the world is a dark place.”

Lauer appears to feel betrayed by those he trusted at NBC News. One source claims that Lauer was fired without a full investigation, and that Lauer is especially frustrated as he “certainly” was not the “only person on TV doing this.”

The source appears to indicate that in the broadcasting culture, this is not abnormal.

As the source did not go into specific detail, it appears that what “this” could mean is having a sexual relationship with a co-worker.

This source, who the publication advises worked with Lauer and other Today staffers, does not wish to reveal their name for fear of losing their job.

They explained that when confronted by his bosses on numerous occasions, after denying any wrong doing, Matt finally told the bosses at NBC News that he was involved with three separate women in his 25 years working for the broadcaster, and these sexual relationships were all “consensual affairs.”

The source close to the situation insists that these women were “much more” than just sex. For example, the woman that instigated the events that resulted in Lauer’s departure had admitted that the affair began in Sochi, during the Winter Olympics four years ago.

Yet, the illicit relationship did not stop when they returned to the office.


As a second source explains, Lauer is still shocked at how fast this situation escalated and was quickly out of control. It appears that either he never imaged that he would be caught, or that an illicit relationship would be his downfall.

What shocks another source is that the woman who instigated the investigation was a “very junior” staffer at the time the relationship first started. It is not clear that Lauer understood prior to his firing that this was a violation of NBC rules. It is not even clear that Lauer understood why he was let go from Today.

The source explained that now Matt “goes between sadness and acceptance of his fate, to disbelief how it all happened so quickly and how the situation was so out of his control.”

It could be assumed that the world is in an even darker place for Matt Lauer.

Recently, the Inquisitr reported on an In Touch Weekly story that Annette Roque, Matt Lauer’s wife of 19 years, telephoned him with her decision to divorce him.

She was in the Netherlands, her home country, and felt so restored and determined to move on with her life that she told him it was over and that her attorney would be contacting him.