Newborn Baby Found Dead In Playground Garbage Can With Umbilical Cord Still Attached

Devon Davis from made a horrifying discovery on Saturday. That’s when the New York man smelled something so terrible coming from a playground garbage can that he was compelled to investigate. As Crime Online reports, when Davis and his friend looked into the garbage bin, they immediately saw the source of the odor: a deceased newborn baby boy, his umbilical cord still attached.

The dead newborn was reportedly wrapped in a yellow plastic bag in a garbage can near the Dutch Kills Playground in Queens. According to Davis, he noticed the deceased infant almost immediately, and his friend move the plastic bag to see if the baby could possibly still be breathing.

“I went in, I saw the baby right there. [My friend] had to use a stick to, like, take off the bag handle from its face because I couldn’t tell if it was still breathing or if it was dead or anything like that…..It’s just really messed up, and really foul. It’s just something I really didn’t want to see. Having to see kids like that and seeing babies left like that. It’s just wrong.”

Unfortunately, the baby was already deceased, and Davis immediately called police to report what he’d found so disturbingly close to a playground full of children.

As Newsday reports, the newborn little boy had likely been dead for at least six hours, possibly much longer, before he was found. In addition to having his umbilical cord still attached to his body, the newborn baby was also reportedly still attached to his placenta when he was found. After police arrived on scene, the infant was transported to NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst where he was officially pronounced dead.

Officials at the hospital are now in the process of determining the cause of the baby’s death.

At this time, authorities have made no arrests in the case of the abandoned dead newborn baby, although an investigation into the child’s death is underway. On Saturday, detectives could be seen combing the area around the playground garbage can for potential clues that may help them to identify a suspect in the case.

Any potential charges in the case would likely be related to the manner of the newborn’s death, its gestational age at birth, and whether the baby was born dead or alive. It is unknown whether police have yet determined any suspects in the disturbing case — Dutch Kills Playground was closed to the public for the duration of the investigation at the scene of the discovery.