Tiffany Trump’s Boyfriend Kissing Another Woman In Photos Seems To Be Unofficial Word Of Split, Suggests ‘AOL’

Seth WenigAP Images

The latest relationship news coming from the Trump family is centered on Tiffany Trump today with reports that the 24-year-old daughter of the president has split up with her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, 23. The two had been dating for two years, which started after they met as students at the University of Pennsylvania.

The unofficial word was demonstrated, rather than written, and it was done in an odd way. News of this split came after Mechanic posted some pictures on his Instagram stories. He is pictured kissing another woman, which appears to offer up a good indication that the two have split. According to the Daily Mail, that Instagram account has now gone private. So what happened?

“Mr. Tiffany Trump no more!” the Daily Mail announced, which led to what AOL News is suggesting. They state that “dating a first daughter could obviously be stressful.” Despite the offspring of a president not holding any official title, they can be under a lot of scrutiny from the press.

If the press doesn’t get to you by changing your name to things like “Mr. Tiffany Trump,” then the constant company of the Secret Service agents might get under your skin a bit. AOL News reminds their readers how the children of a president are often in the tabloids.

They give the example of Malia Obama, who was making headline news a year after her father’s term of office was over when she took up with a new boyfriend. That new romance was news for the masses, even after a new president and family had moved into the White House and began making news of their own.

Chelsea Clinton, along with Barbara and Jenna Bush, the twin daughters of George W. Bush, talked about how being the child of the president meant the public always had an eye on them. Jenna Bush Hager wrote in her memoir, Sisters First, how, as daughters of the president, their faces were everywhere. Along with those pictures, the words accompanying them “were almost universally negative.”

As far as the reason behind the Tiffany Trump and Ross Mechanic split, that is unknown, as the only details about either one of them were visual and in those pictures Mechanic posted. Tiffany did not appear in those pictures, as there was another woman locking lips with Tiffany’s beau or former beau.

As AOL mentions, “it seems pretty clear being in the public eye could put a strain on the relationship.”