Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Met On Valentine’s Day, Claims ‘People’

Kevin WinterGetty Images

On Valentine’s Day, romantic partners are known to buy flowers and chocolates to woo their loved one, but Jennifer Aniston’s was far from ideal. Although Justin Theroux reportedly flew on a private plane late on the holiday to see his wife, it was not to renew their relationship, but instead to officially end it. What did People report about this last meeting?

A “source close to the actress” reports that Justin flew to Los Angeles late on Valentine’s Day “to see Jen one last time.”

They reveal that Jennifer wanted to avoid the media attention, and to continue to keep the “matter private,” yet Justin was not willing to lay low. He wanted to continue to party and hang out with his arty friends in New York.

The breaking point came on February 11, Jennifer’s birthday.

The media began to question whether the relationship was solid as the Friends star celebrated her 49th birthday with her gal pals, including Courtney Cox, while her husband was out and about on the east coast.

Jen just wanted Justin to be “low-key,” especially on her birthday, in order to avoid any gossip, or speculation on their relationship. He was apparently over it.

Explaining that “it’s not his style,” the confidential source explained that Justin wanted to make the separation announcement and be set free. He no longer wanted to be restricted.

“He wanted to make the announcement so he can live his life.”

The source also explained that Justin has wanted this for a long time, but sadly for Jennifer, she had some hope their marriage could be saved. She wanted to give the relationship another chance.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, distance is what hurt the couple, not a lack of love. Jennifer has lived in California for most of her adult life, building a close-knit group of friends and living a very low-key life.


On the other hand, the Leftovers star enjoys the eclectic vibe of the New York art scene. He collects teeth–but animal and human. Justin is a bit dark. He enjoys hanging out with his friends who are not all in the business, whether they be tattoo artists, restauranteurs or poets.

Choosing where to live is the challenge of most long-distance couples, especially those who have already established roots to a particular area. Justin tried to live in California, and Jennifer in New York, yet neither could make the change.

People contends that marriage to an actor is already tough, as the job requires long periods away from home. A two-actor family presents more than average challenges. Sadly, Justin and Jennifer were never able to make the big change.