'Bachelor' Arie Luyendyk Jr. Opens Up About His Connection With Lauren Burnham And His Loyal Companion

The 2018 season of The Bachelor featuring Arie Luyendyk Jr. is down to the final four women. These four lucky ladies have earned the opportunity to take Arie to meet their families in their hometowns. For Arie and the ladies, making it to the final four also means feelings are getting more real and deep. After fans saw a date with Lauren Burnham, Arie opened up about the connection he felt with her and the awkward pause everyone saw when she revealed she was falling in love. Her revelation took many fans by surprise and left them wondering.

PopSugar caught up with the race car driver/realtor to find out exactly why Luyendyk felt he needed to leave the table. Arie shared that his reasoning for walking away after Lauren expressed her feelings was so he could speak with production. He asked them if he was even allowed to tell her how he was feeling about her. They responded he could do whatever he wanted, so he did.

While most Bachelors do not reveal their feelings towards the contestants, Arie decided to make a similar move to former Bachelor Ben Higgins. Arie told Lauren his feelings were mutual and he too was falling in love.

People shared more into Arie's connection with Lauren from Luyendyk himself. Arie said from the moment he met Lauren he knew he wanted to get to know her better. He admitted that prior to their dinner when he needed to decide about hometowns and if she was ready for a future, he wasn't sure if she was. Arie indicated he was not sure how Lauren truly felt about him. Luyendyk went so far as to say when Lauren shared she was falling in love with him, he was overwhelmed and knew he hadn't felt that way since Emily Maynard in 2012. Lauren of course got the rose and the hometown date.

In the end, even if Arie and his chosen one part ways, there is one loyal companion Luyendyk has to help him pick up the pieces. Arie's dog, Bastian, has been a huge part of his life and support system since he adopted him in 2011. Bastian even accompanied Arie to Los Angeles and stayed in his hotel for about three weeks during filming. Arie told PopSugar,"It was nice to have a little piece of home and a friend to lean on when things didn't go so well."

Arie's love for Bastian even led him to be a strong supporter and spokesperson for PetSmart Charities. He wants everyone to be able to experience a companion like Bastian who has helped him through heartbreak and always been there for him. It looks like whoever wins Arie's heart better love dogs too.

While fans won't know for a few more weeks if Reality Steve's predictions are true regarding Arie and his final choice, there is definitely more drama and emotions to come. Will Arie propose and will it last? The season finale of The Bachelor will air in March on ABC.