Justin Bieber ‘Steps To Stardom’ Exhibit Opens In Canada

Lionel CironneauAP Images

Justin Bieber found fame at a young age, but he still had to take the “steps” to stardom. Now, in the ultimate tribute to the “Never Say Never” singer, an exhibit dedicated to his life has opened at the Stratford Perth Museum in the Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario. The exhibit, titled Steps To Stardom, features a ton of JB memorabilia including photos of him busking on the steps of the Avon Theatre before he became a household name.

Steps to Stardom contains 60 items provided by Bieber, his relatives, and even his fans, including stage outfits, awards, signed sneakers, a personal letter from Michelle Obama, and the jacket he wore when he played junior hockey for the Stratford Warriors. In addition, a drum set and a library card used by Justin before he became an international pop star will also be on display, according to the museum’s site. The display will be regularly refreshed as museum curators pull from more than 100 additional Justin Bieber items they have been granted access to.

A Twitter post from the Stratford Perth Museum revealed that the opening day of Steps To Stardom on February 18 was completely sold out. Some tickets will be sold at the door for time slots next week.

Justin Bieber didn’t attend the museum opening, but his mom, Pattie Mallette, was photographed at the museum a few days earlier.


Justin Bieber’s mother told CBC she is happy with how the exhibit turned out.

“It’s like walking into a time warp just seeing all these memories,” Pattie Mallette said.

“I think they did a fantastic job. I feel very honored that they would choose to memorialize part of Justin’s past that we won’t get back again, just his childhood and growing up, it’s been challenging sharing our whole life with everybody.”

Mallette added that it was “really humbling and an honor” to see so many of her son’s accomplishments on display.

The Stratford Perth Museum normally receives about 7,000 visits per year, but the headcount will greatly increase due to Bieber fandom. Fans from as far away as Japan have reportedly inquired about the exhibit, according to Billboard.

Justin Bieber was famously discovered by his manager Scooter Braun in 2008 after he posted YouTube videos of himself performing. In the decade since, Justin has shot to international fame and has won multiple awards, including a Grammy Award. Justin Bieber was named Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards in 2010 and 2011.

The Steps to Stardom exhibit is set to run through 2018 at the Stratford Perth Museum.