‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Victoria Explodes, Accuses JT Of Faking Feelings — Leads To His Death?

Monty BrintonCBS

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers tease that J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) will meet with Paul (Doug Davidson) and Christine (Lauralee Bell) about their plot to bring Victor (Eric Breaden) down. Christine and Paul have made their position very clear; they think Victor got off too easily with the prostitution ring. They brought in J.T. to cozy up to Victor and his kids in hopes to find something incriminating that they can use to lock him up for good.

According to Soap Central, J.T. will say that he’s just doing what Paul asked him to do. His admission brings up the question of how long has this plan been in motion. Has J.T. been working for Paul since he arrived in Genoa City?

Young and the Restless spoilers state that Victoria (Amelia Heinle) will assume that J.T. has been working with Paul since he came to Genoa City and he has been using her to solve the case. J.T. will have his work cut out for him if he plans on convincing Victoria that his feeling for her are genuine.

Last week, J.T. threw a jealous fit when Victoria paid attention to Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) on Valentine’s Day. It appears that J.T. has real feelings for Victoria. Right now, the Y&R fans don’t know how long this plot with Paul has been in motion. Paul might have gotten the idea after J.T. scored a high-level executive job with Newman Enterprises.

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Young and the Restless spoilers suggest that J.T.’s reasons for taking the job is not important. He is still putting his relationship with Victoria on the line. J.T. has mentioned several times how it would devastate him if Victoria left him again. Eventually, Victoria will find out about his secret partnership with Paul and explode at J.T.

When Victoria discovers J.T.’s partnership with Paul, she will feel completely betrayed. Young and the Restless spoilers state that J.T. should expect her to turn on him and kick him to the curb. He knows that Victoria is fiercely loyal to her family.

Young and the Restless spoilers suggest that J.T. and Victoria will get into an explosive fight, which could lead to J.T’s fragile heart giving out. It would be an emotional way to write J.T. out of the show.

Thad Luckinbill noted in November that his Y&R arc would last through February, possibly March. That means his exit is coming in the next few weeks.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.