Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Modern Royals: How They Differ From Queen Elizabeth II When She Was Their Age

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are now being compared to one another more than ever due to Meghan and Prince Harry’s engagement announcement in December. Initially, Markle was slow to win over the masses but has swiftly found herself in a favorable spotlight over recent months, since the Suits star has proven to be graceful and endearing at events, something Meghan is clearly used to.

Meghan’s background and marital history, including the star’s Jewish faith, and the fact that she has been married once before, was a bit of a sore point originally to royal enthusiasts, yet the blessing to Prince Harry and Meghan has been granted. Harry’s own father, after all, has been remarried to Camilla Parker, who was also married once before.

It seems that both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are each now being commended for their own part in bringing the British monarchy up to being more in line with modern times. While traditions are still cherished, Middleton has pushed boundaries by insisting on making family life a priority. Onlookers are clearly anticipating how Markle will affect the monarchy, and it seems she already has begun to do so.

Both Kate and Meghan are praised for their fashion selections, much as the Queen has been over many years. However, the younger royals opt for more modern and thrifty ensembles. Markle, in particular, seems to be bringing more of an edge to royal fashion, with cross-body bags and sheer blouses. Recently Meghan also wowed onlookers in a pant suit when appearing next to Prince Harry at a royal engagement, as Today reminds.

There is no question that, when compared to Queen Elizabeth when she was their age — 36 — the women are clearly vastly different. Business Insider reminds that “[Elizabeth’s] lifestyle was rather more traditional. She’d been married for years, sported white gloves and pearls… and definitely didn’t use Instagram.”

Additionally, neither Kate Middeton, nor Meghan Markle were born into royalty, which is why Kate goes by the title Duchess of Cambridge and why Meghan will likely have the title Duchess of Sussex when she and Prince Harry marry. Queen Elizabeth had been the queen for 11 years before she married Prince Philip. By the time Elizabeth was 36, she had been married to Philip for 15 years and had given birth to 4 children.

Ahead of the engagement announcement by Harry and Meghan, Kate Middleton, who was married to Prince William at age 29, was considered the oldest bride of the royal family.

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That title will now go to Markle at 36, as the publication reminds.