President’s Day 2018 — Are Banks, Post Office, Liquor Stores, Stock Markets Opened Or Closed Monday?

President’s Day 2018 is a federal holiday and it’s observed this year on Monday, February 19, giving many folks a three-day weekend. Some people will use their day off on President’s Day to do errands. But before you run to the bank or post office it’s a good idea to check what businesses and government offices are open on Monday. It is not like it used to be decades ago when many businesses observed the holiday and remained closed for the day, but some still do.

Banks: The Federal Reserve Bank observes 10 federal holidays each year, and President’s Day is one of them. According to, Monday, February 19, 2018, which is President’s Day, banks will be closed. With all the modern technology today, there is still online banking available for bill paying, you just won’t be able to go to a brick and mortar bank and visit a teller face to face.

Schools: There is no school on President’s Day.

Post Office: The U.S. Postal Service does not deliver mail on President’s Day and Post Offices are closed around the nation, according to Newsweek.

Stock Markets: Are closed on President’s Day. The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and bond markets all observe President’s Day and they will be closed.

FedEx and UPS: President’s Day is one of the federal holidays that FedEx and UP provide regular pickup and delivery of packages, so FedEx and UPS are not closed on this federal holiday. If you are expecting a delivery from one of these carriers on Monday, it should be there.

Government Offices: Most local, state and federal government offices are closed on President’s Day. This includes the Department of Motor Vehicles and courts.

Garbage pick-up: According to USA Today, most municipals don’t have trash pickup on President’s Day. Many fall to their holiday schedule for the week, pushing the garbage pickup day to the next day of the week.

Liquor Stores: Each state has their own very different laws on liquor sales. Where there was once a time that liquor stores remained closed on a federal holiday across the nation, many states have opted in recent years to sell liquor on federal holidays. Some do have reduced hours of operation. You should check with your own neighborhood store to see if they are open on President’s Day Monday.

Retail and grocery stores: These stores are open, with many of the retail stores taking advantage of the holiday for President’s Day sales.

Mass transit: Many train and bus schedules will follow holiday schedules, so check your local schedules before heading out. According to Time Out, the MTA will operate on a Saturday schedule for trains and buses for President’s Day with some lines not running due to repairs. “The 2 and 3 lines will not be running between Brooklyn and Manhattan due to ongoing tunnel repairs. There will be no express service on 6 and 7 trains, and B and Z trains will not be running.” Again, check locally for schedules.