‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylors’ Reiki Master Reveals She Has Not Seen Him Since Cameras Stopped Filming

In a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, fans got the rare chance to see another side of star Jax Taylor. During a session with his reiki therapist, Kelsey J. Patel, at The DEN Meditation, Taylor opened up about the first big mistake he ever made, and how everything fans see now is the product of him living in a fictitious world.

According to Page Six, Taylor sought out Patel for healing treatment after cheating on his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, and asked her to help him get in touch with his pre-Hollywood persona, Jason Cauchi.

She started by asking him what the first big mistake he ever made was, and Taylor answered by saying it was his decision to get into the industry of acting and modeling. He explained that when you do that, you have to live a life filled with about 90 percent rejection. Then, even when someone does pick you for a job, they are just using you.

His therapist then reminded him that he chose to go down that path, and it was at this point that he stopped her and told her to call him Jason – his actual name.

Taylor says that around the age of 19 or 20 he entered a fictitious world and became “this Jax person,” and he had to tell stories to get people to like him.

He is now 38-years-old and says that he would like to get to know Jason again. His therapist agreed, saying she would like to know Jason, too.

Patel says that she keeps in touch with Taylor, and she checks in on him regularly to let him know that she is there to support him. However, they have not had another session since filming. Leading to speculation that Taylor was doing the healing for a pretty convincing storyline.

She added that she hopes Taylor keeps up with the Reiki healing, and she feels like he was a willing person.

In the current season of Vanderpump Rules, Taylor is caught up in a cheating scandal over a tryst he had with former SUR waitress Faith Stowers while in a relationship with Cartwright.

Even though he admitted to cheating, Cartwright decided to stay in the relationship, and now there is a possibility that the two could be expecting a baby.

In a teaser for the second half of season six, Cartwright presents Taylor with a pregnancy test to see if they have a little one on the way.

He asks, “Are you pregnant?” while Cartwright smiles and hands him the pee stick.

This isn’t Taylor’s first pregnancy scare this year. Stowers did imply that she could be expecting after their one-night stand, but she hasn’t returned to the show since hinting at the possibility.

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air on Monday nights on Bravo.