Conor McGregor Praises Nate Diaz And Hints At ‘Special’ Trilogy Fight

Steve MarcusGetty Images

As UFC fans await an announcement on Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor’s next opponents, the Irish superstar has been keeping fans up-to-date with training videos and photos – mostly of Jiu-Jitsu.

In an Instagram post, Conor McGregor described the full mount as the second most dominant position in ground fighting after the back mount. The Irish superstar responded to a fan who commented on the photo that he prefers Nate’s full mount position that led to his submission victory at UFC 196.

“Like what [Nate Diaz] did to you [yea] that’s the one! I like his example better.”

McGregor took his time to respond to the comment by agreeing to the criticism. The 29-year-old describes what it felt like to be under the full mount position with millions of fans around the world watching.

“Exactly. A truly beautiful position. The most intense position to be in under the lights of the entire world. Try and imagine what it would feel like. Amazing.”

Conor went on to show respect to Nate Diaz and reaffirmed his interest in the trilogy fight.

“Respect to Nate always and our trilogy will be special when we do it 100%. There is no rush [Nate Diaz] our trilogy will show true to us for what we are. Warriors. And respect always to you as a fan Jesse, and the fans all around the world who support and recognize our work for what it is. The truest form of unarmed combat on earth. This is as real as it gets. This is the UFC.”


Conor McGregor avenged his loss in a closely contested five-round fight at UFC 202, which boosted the hype for a trilogy fight.

Nate Diaz has announced his interest in fighting this summer and indicated that Tyron Woodley is his best option.

Conor McGregor, on the other hand, has made no indication on who he will fight next; however, his coach John Kavanaugh thinks that the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will be his next fight.

McGregor has made several references to current featherweight champion Max Holloway in recent months, which has led some fans to believe he is interested in a rematch – possibly at featherweight. Some theories suggest that McGregor will attempt to capture both the featherweight title and the lightweight title for a second time.

Diaz has posted several sparring photos and videos on his Instagram account but is yet to be booked for a return fight.

It is unclear whether the UFC will make the Woodley and Nate Diaz fight. Both fighters have stated that the UFC offered them the fight; however, UFC president Dana White denied it.