'One Piece' Chapter 895 Spoilers, Analysis: Luffy Vs. Katakuri, Who Will Emerge Victorious?

Chris van Buren

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The previous One Piece chapter not only left fans wanting more, but has ultimately made their desperation a bit more heightened than usual as the cliffhanger didn't leave any hint as to who will win between the pirate Luffy and the commander Katakuri. With both fighting for their lives, and exchanging equally powerful blows like the "Black Mamba" and "Zangiri Mochi," readers are provided with only one thing in common – that is the wait for the upcoming week to know the outcome, which is basically forever for most. Oda surely knows how to weave suspense.

This is all true; unless you're like most fans, who couldn't help but to venture into some sleuthing, courtesy of the red-hot spoilers which are just lurking around. In the world of Reddit, for instance, many One Piece fans have already surmised few of the strongest points in the imminent Chapter 895.

Reddit user GrassKarate predicted that Luffy may emerge victorious in the next round. He shared that the pirate is slated to dodge Katakuri's next attack and that he's expected to nail his King Cobra. He further argued this notion by proving that Luffy's victory has somehow been hinted on the opening, in which Katakuri left where Luffy's arm was being thrown.

Meanwhile, another user opined that Luffy's King Cobra shot will be his ultimate attack, and will nullify the match against Katakuri. However, the same user ultimately chose Katakuri as the eventual winner based on the previous outing between the two. He noticed that Katakuri is always countering and dodging Luffy's attacks, and this all happened despite the latter's new gear 4th form and his fast Black Mamba attack. Both of these were fended off by Katakuri.

Whatever the outcome is among these speculations, one thing is for sure: the fight is going to end explosively, one way or another. Will Katakuri emerge triumphantly? Or will Luffy experience his first defeat? Be sure to catch all the results when One Piece resumes next week.