Universal Studios In Orlando And Hollywood Raise Ticket Prices One Week After Disney

Danny Cox

Less than one week ago, ticket prices were increased at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland as is expected in February every year, but they weren’t the only ones to do it. Now, Universal Studios has raised the prices of its parks, in both Orlando and Hollywood, for 2018, and again, it was not unexpected. Everyone knew it was coming, as it has become normal at this time of year, but everyone is just waiting to see what the new damage will be.

With fewer parks than Disney, Universal Studios didn’t raise their ticket prices by a lot, but they still needed to do something. There are a bunch of new projects in the works and a lot of new land was recently purchased in Orlando to make way for the Nintendo Land, which will be coming in the future.

As reported by Orlando Sentinel, Universal Orlando Resort raised its ticket prices on Friday with single-park admission going up to $115 from its previous cost of $110. That price would be for a one-day ticket to either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure without being able to hop from park to park.

One-day tickets to go from park-to-park also went up five dollars from the previous $165, and are now $170.

universal studios orlando hollywood ticket price increase 2018 disney
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Alyson Lundell, a spokeswoman for Universal Orlando Resort, explained how guests will still save a great deal of money, even as ticket prices increase.

“We evolve our prices to reflect the value of the entertainment experience we provide our guests, and we always work to create value-driven options for our guests within our most popular ticket packages. For example, guests who use our multi-day tickets can save as much as $60 per day off single-day prices.”

One-day ticket prices are on a tiered system and can vary in price depending on the time of year or even the day of the week you are going to the parks. Looking at the official website of Universal Studios Hollywood, they have now implemented the same system with their increases.

For those heading to the parks in California, one-day tickets are up to $125 from their previous high of $120.

In Florida, here are the daily ticket prices after the 2018 increase, old price listed second:

Universal Orlando One-Park

  • 1-Day: $115 to $124 ($110 to $124)
  • 2-Day: $204.99 ($199.99)
  • 3-Day: $224.99 ($219.99)
  • 4-Day: $229.99 ($234.99)
  • 5-Day: $239.99 ($244.99)

Universal Orlando Park-To-Park

  • 1-Day: $170 to $179 ($165 to $179)
  • 2-Day: $264.99 ($254.99)
  • 3-Day: $284.99 ($274.99)
  • 4-Day: $299.99 ($284.99)
  • 5-Day: $314.99 ($294.99)
universal studios orlando hollywood ticket price increase 2018 disney
Featured image credit: Danny Cox

Aside from the fact that The Walt Disney Company raised its ticket prices on both coasts, Universal Studios was expected to do it anyway. It happens every single year at this time and there are a lot of big things happening within the company that will need more money rolling in. With a new nighttime show in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the new Fast & Furious – Supercharged attraction coming this spring, Universal Orlando believes the money spent will be worth it.