Tristan Thompson Allegedly Recorded Flirting With Mystery Woman, According to ‘In Touch’ Magazine

Ron SchwaneAP Images

Tristan Thompson was allegedly recorded flirting with a mystery woman on Friday night, In Touch magazine reports. Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend and the father of her unborn child was reportedly acting flirty with a blonde at The House of Remy Martin’s MVP Weekend Experience, and the pair left together.

In Touch cites a source who claims Thompson was escorted to a table where a woman who looked like one of the Kardashians was already seated. Despite resembling a Kardashian, the woman merely appeared that way due to the way she was dressed and her hair was styled. The insider told the magazine that Tristan “definitely has a type” and that the mystery woman “dressed the part.” She had on a form-fitting dress and had her hair parted down the middle with a straight style. Her hair color was dirty blonde and the length was about to her shoulders, the source added. The young woman was estimated to be between 25 and 27-years-old.

A video posted on the website’s page only shows who might be Tristan standing next to the woman in the footage. Their backs are to the camera. It was a nightclub atmosphere with dimmed lights and it’s easy to take something out of context. It’s one of those situations where the viewer has to be the judge.

The story comes just one day after Khloe Kardashian posted a sweet photo of her with Tristan Thompson on Instagram. She wrote a gushing tribute to her man as they expect their first baby. She wrote, “When a woman is loved correctly, he becomes ten times the woman she was before. Thank you my love.”

An earlier report by In Touch this week claimed that Khloe is afraid Tristan will cheat on her like he allegedly did with ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig. She was said to pregnant with his baby when the betrayal occurred.

The magazine goes on to claim in the report that “multiple sources” dish that things are “just as rocky” between Khloe and Tristan as they were when she was with Lamar Odom. A source spilled that the Kardashian family has warned Khloe about Tristan — saying that if he cheated on Jordan with her, he’ll cheat on her with someone else. Khloe didn’t listen, the source said. Now she’s allegedly worried about scaring him off and wants to get married. Although she portrays the romance to be something real to the public, the report states that it’s the furthest thing from the truth behind closed doors.

Gossip Cop corrected the report after a Kardashian confidante informed the site that In Touch “just wants to sell copies” of its magazines.