WWE News: Mark Henry Says Hulk Hogan Can Return To WWE If He Does This One Huge Thing

If it were up to Mark Henry, Hulk Hogan would need to do a bit of work before returning.

If it were up to Mark Henry, Hulk Hogan would need to do a bit of work before returning.

Ever since Hulk Hogan spouted a bunch of racial slurs in a stolen home video, he has been isolated from WWE, but there are constant rumors of his return. Almost three years have passed since that clip of him leaked online, and WWE cut all ties with him, but is there a chance that he will ever be able to come back? If it were up to Mark Henry, he’d allow Hogan back if the former world champion apologized to every black superstar currently on WWE’s roster.

There have been many rumors of Hogan returning to the company, and there was speculation that he’d be back at each of the last two WrestleManias. Obviously, that never happened, but it hasn’t stopped fans from thinking he would still come back despite his harsh comments.

Mark Henry has been working in a backstage role and as an ambassador for WWE in the last year with very limited ring time, but he’s still a considerable part of the company. TMZ Sports recently caught up with Henry and asked him if the Hulkster could ever come back to WWE in any way at all.

While it isn’t necessarily up to Henry, he does have an idea how Hogan could return.

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After asking Henry what he’s been up to and doing in his life, he was asked about Hulk Hogan wanting to come back and if he thought it could ever happen.

“I think after an apology to all the existing African-American talent…that, you know…he would be a…we’re a forgiving world.”

Mark Henry didn’t seem bitter or sarcastic or even angry at Hulk Hogan, but he wasn’t just going to forget about what happened. Henry is indeed a significant person in WWE as he is a producer for the company and a man of color who had to hear what Hogan said on that leaked videotape.

There are a lot of wrestling personalities who believe Hogan has suffered for his words, has been away long enough, and deserves a return. Last month, WWE finally spoke on the rumors of a Hogan comeback and said nothing more than that they were committed to their decision at this time.

That’s not to say it will never happen, but it doesn’t seem like it is right now.

Hulk Hogan has certainly paid his dues in the wrestling business, and he is one of the most iconic names in the history of the ring. Still, no-one is above making racist remarks, and he was exposed for doing that a few years ago. There is one day that he may make a return to WWE, but guys like Mark Henry feel as if many people, especially all African-American talent on the roster, deserve an apology.