Man Crashes Car Into Pizzeria And Orders One

We all love pizza, right? It’s the most balanced form of restaurant food we can order to go, and some will go to any length just to get one.

One man even crashed his car into a pizzeria on Wednesday around lunch time and then asked witnesses if he could still order one as he waited for the ambulance. Now that’s dedication. This man was not going to miss lunch for anything.

The unnamed pizza enthusiast was apparently all right after being taken to a hospital. The car (a Honda Fit, and no, that isn’t made up for laughs) managed to squeeze through the Nebraska restaurant’s front door and do little more than make it inconvenient to get in or out. There was no costly structural damage, says Gawker.

A witness, Don Brouse, told KLKN-TV:

“His foot had stuck on the gas, and he was going to go ahead and order some pizza … so he wasn’t too upset about it, evidently, but it sure was a surprise to us.”

It certainly saved the man from having to walk in.

Firefighter Leo Benes said:

“We all had concerns and talked about it en route … that this time of day, this particular eating establishment, the lobby would be full.”

Yahoo News states it was a slow day at Valentino’s Pizza To Go, fortunately. Nobody was injured in the accident, despite the car literally entering the restaurant through the door and actually parking there.

No word on whether or not the man actually got his pizza, or what toppings he may have requested.