‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin Saves Kiki From Creepy Dr. Bensch

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General Hospital spoilers have teased for a while that Dr. David Bensch (James DePaiva) had a dark side and now it looks like it’s about to come out. The doctor’s creepy dialog on Friday’s episode opened the door for a strange twist in Kiki Jerome’s (Hayley Erin) character arc, and it seems that the ABC soap is leveraging the latest #MeToo headlines to churn a compelling story about inappropriate influence, older men grooming young women, and the plague of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Dillon Gone, Bensch Makes His Move

Many think Kiki and Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) have a romance looming, and they might, but it wouldn’t just happen out of the blue. ABC Soaps in Depth offered General Hospital spoilers that previewed Kiki drunk and depressed about losing Dillon Quartermaine (Robert Palmer Watkins) since he’s left Port Charles for good and has a new girlfriend. It seems that Dillon’s watchful presence was the main thing holding Dr. Bensch back from actively targeting Kiki and now her guardian is gone.

GH spoilers from Soap Central for Friday show that Dr. Bensch congratulated Kiki on her acceptance to medical school and he quipped that she’d be too busy for her boyfriend. Kiki shared that she’s single and the doc said sorry. Kiki said he should get used to seeing more of her around the hospital and he said, “works for me.” The words were innocent enough, but Kiki got a strange look on her face. Maybe it was the hangover, or maybe it was Kiki realizing she shouldn’t have shared info on her personal life.

James DePaiva Set For Villain Arc

General Hospital fans wondered why the soap brought in a big player like James DePaiva and then didn’t use him. Now it looks like the predator arc was planned all along, but when Steve Burton decided to come back to the show, they had to retool all the storylines to make room for Jason versus Drew. That meant the sexual harassment storyline got the backburner, but now it’s moving back up front to simmer, and that means we’ll see the doctor show his true colors. In the promo that revealed DePaiva’s casting, Frank Valentini hinted the character was a bad seed.

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the hospital.”

GH spoilers for next week, show that on Friday, February 23, Kiki gets the help she needs and it’s from Dr. Bensch. But then on February 28, other spoilers indicate that Kiki learns that not everything is as it seems. The doctor that’s been her kindly mentor is suddenly more “hands-on” with coaching Kiki. It turns out he was grooming her all along, and it was only Dillon being around that kept him in check. Bensch helped Kiki get into medical school, and he’ll try to leverage her gratitude for sexual favors.

Griffin Saves Kiki, Romance Blossoms?

For months now, General Hospital spoilers swirled about Kiki and Griffin. We’ve seen the foundation laid for Ava Jerome (Maura West) to be jealous of Kiki and Griffin, but her daughter and boyfriend wouldn’t just randomly cheat. Both are ethical (unlike Ava), but once Kiki and Griffin are pushed into a situation where he saves her from Bensch, then romance will spark, according to the latest GH spoilers and rumors.

As a former priest, there’s nothing that Griffin loves more than saving someone. He saved Ava from her depressive spiral after she was burned and now she’s restored. But Ava and Griffin are too different to last much longer, and her jealousy doesn’t suit him. Once Kiki becomes a damsel in distress and Griffin saves her from the lecherous older doc, that’s when the two will begin to feel the spark. However, Griffin and Kiki will fight their feelings for a while before it evolves to more than friends.

Did you notice the sketchy vibes rolling off Dr. Bensch when he’s with Kiki? Are you ready for GH‘s ripped-from-the-headlines story on sexual harassment? Catch up on GH scoop to see what happens the next two weeks, plus Nelle exposing Avery’s stunning paternity swap, what’s next for Maxie, and what secrets Valentin and Peter are hiding. Watch ABC weekdays for new GH episodes and check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.