Donald Trump Grins And Flashes Thumbs Up While Visiting Parkland Shooting Victims

President Donald Trump visited victims of the deadly Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on Friday, and his behavior in the hospital has many social media users screaming out in droves.

According to CNN, the President and First Lady Melania Trump visited Broward Health North Hospital yesterday where many survivors of the shooting were being treated. The couple spoke with several survivors and posed for photos with victims and hospital staff.

Some of the images from Trump’s hospital visit are being deemed as inappropriate by thousands after he posed with a thumbs up in several photos. The President also boasted a wide smile as he stood next to victims stricken to their beds.

It wasn’t long before Twitter exploded over the photographs, with many calling Trump “insensitive,” and “disrespectful.”

“So out of touch,” one user tweeted.

“When I watched the video from the shooting and heard the shots I broke down thinking that some of those shots I was hearing entered children’s bodies and took their lives. Then I looked at Donald Trump smiling with a thumbs up and felt disgust like I’ve never felt before,” another added.

Of course, Trump is known for his signature thumbs up sign, but his timing this time around couldn’t have been poorer. The President had already been receiving backlash for his response to the Parkland tragedy, and his grin and thumbs up are only heightening the disdain.

Trump also changed his Twitter banner Friday after he visited the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. Flashing yet another thumbs up, the President posed with first responders and other local law enforcement in front of an aerial view of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This image didn’t sit well with social media either.

“Here’s Trump’s new header pic. He’s meeting with Florida police about the Parkland shooting and giving a thumbs up like he’s at the grand opening of a car lot,” an angry user tweeted.

Twitter users are suggesting the thumbs up and grin are not appropriate responses to meeting with first responders in a tragedy where children and teenagers lost their lives. Many were referring to the images of Trump with the victims as “photo ops,” claiming he was not genuinely there to check on the survivors.

“This blows my mind that he is using such a tragic event for a photo op with huge smiles and thumbs up,” another user added.

Tweets filled with rage against the President’s upsetting photos are in the thousands, as social media continues to slam number 45 for his poor choices. Many popular tweets regarding Trump’s smile and thumbs up can be found below.