‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Lamon Archey On Eli Grant, Saving Gabi, And Lani’s Paternity Secret

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Days Of Our Lives spoilers teased that Eli Grant would be part of a few different storylines. That has proven to be correct. Not only is he the biological father of Lani Price’s (Sal Stowers) baby, but he is knee-deep in the Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) murder investigation as well. His girlfriend, Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus), stands accused of killing the Salem villain. However, she is innocent and Eli is determined to clear her name. In an interview with CBS Soaps In Depth, Lamon Archey discussed his multiple storylines.

Lani’s Paternity Secret

After finding out that he is the father of Lani’s baby, the pregnant detective asked Eli Grant for a huge favor. Despite being the baby daddy, Lani wanted Eli to keep quiet. She thinks it is best for everyone if people think that JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) is the father of her unborn child. Even though he struggled with not knowing his own father, Eli agreed to the request.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Eli might not be able to keep his promise, though. The actor told the magazine that since finding out the truth, becoming a father has become very important to Eli. It’s not because he wants a child with Lani, but because of his own tortured childhood memories.

Eli’s Inner Turmoil

At the same time, he has this great relationship with Gabi Hernandez. If people were to find out the truth, that romance would be destroyed. It could also have a devastating effect on JJ, who is finally seeing the joy in life after contemplating suicide just a few months ago.

“I don’t think there’s anything about her [Gabi] that he is not attracted to. From the first time they met, he was very intrigued by her.”

So, what is going on in Eli’s mind knowing that he is the real father of Lani’s baby? Lamon Archey explained that Eli is angry.

“One, he was lied to [by Lani]. Two, he’s got to rethink a lot of things in his life. His relationship with Gabi is on the up and up, so now he’s put in a position where he has to tell her what’s going on.”

Proving Gabi’s Innocence

Days Of Our Lives spoilers from SoapCentral reveal that the paternity secret will have to stay under wraps a while longer. Right now, Gabi stands accused of murder. Even though video footage shows Gabi entering Andre’s office, not everything is as it seems. Gabi swears she didn’t do it, and Eli believes her. He has promised to do everything in his power to clear her name.

“Ultimately, I think [the situation] makes Eli’s love for Gabi even stronger because he feels like he needs to save her. In some ways, he’s all that she has… He’s in a position to find all the clues and help her.”

Detective Drama

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Eli isn’t the only one fighting for Gabi. Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) is also determined to find out the truth.

At the same time, the warring police partners seem to have found a common ground recently. They both are dealing with sleeping with other women and the possible consequences. As fans recall, Eli and Rafe didn’t always get along. However, now that they realize they have something in common, there is a growing respect for one another.

Eli Grant is known for doing everything he can for the people he cares about. This includes both Gabi and Lani. However, all these secrets will eventually be revealed. When that happens, both situations could have far-reaching and long-term consequences for multiple Salemites.

Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.