February 16, 2018
Melania Trump Leaves White House Without President Trump, Skips Walking With Him To Marine One [Video]

On Friday, February 16, a story broke concerning Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal and Donald Trump. Karen claimed that Donald Trump showed her Melania Trump's bedroom in Trump Tower during their alleged nine-month adulterous affair, as reported by the Inquisitr. Soon after that, a journalist reported some confusion over President Trump's travel plans to Mar-a-Lago, with conflicting reports seemingly coming from the White House when compared to Trump's personal Twitter account.

Now, CNN is reporting that First Lady Melania Trump decided to forgo the usual walk with President Trump across the South Lawn to arrive without President Trump at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Melania arrived in a separate vehicle before President Donald Trump. As seen in the attached photo, Melania ascended the stairs of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland without President Trump by her side. The couple is scheduled to spend the long holiday weekend at Mar-a-Lago. Although President Trump tweeted about visiting brave people in Parkland, Florida, it is not clear when that trip would occur, or if Melania would join President Trump during that trip.

According to the update titled "Subject: In town travel pool report #4 — no POTUS comments" by Michael D. Shear, a White House Correspondent from the New York Times, President Trump departed from the Oval Office at 3:04 p.m ET, but refused to stop and speak with journalists nearby. Instead, Trump put a thumb in the air and yelled words that reporters could not hear over the roar of Marine One.
Trump did not answer questions about alleged adulterous affairs and Russia. Marine One took off by 3:09 p.m. ET, but Shear added to his report by publishing the report titled "Subject: In town travel pool report #4 - supplemental," which noted that President Trump walked to the helicopter without Melania. John Kelly, Keith Kellogg, Johnny DeStefano, Dan Scavino and Ronny Jackson later joined President Trump on Marine One.

President Donald Trump leaves for Florida on Friday.
President Donald Trump leaves for Florida on Friday.