WWE Rumors: WWE Reportedly Has Four Huge Names In Mind For Ronda Rousey's Tag Team Partner, According To 'SI'

At the Royal Rumble, Ronda Rousey finally made her official WWE debut, and she is expected to have her first match very soon, but who else will be in it? There have been lots of rumors floating around as to who she will ultimately face in her first big match, but nothing has been made official as of yet. Now, rumors are coming forth that she will be in a big tag team match at WrestleMania 34 and one of these four men could be her partner.

After she made her official debut at the Rumble, everyone wondered just what was going on with the former UFC champion. She showed up suddenly in WWE after years of rumors that she would one day wrestle for the company, but was she actually part of the roster?

The same night as the Royal Rumble, news broke that she had signed a long-term deal and would soon be wrestling in the ring. The official website of WWE even reported that her actual contract signing was going to take place at the Elimination Chamber later this month, but there has still been no word on when her first match would be.

Now, it appears as if things are starting to fall in place for WrestleMania 34.

Most of the speculation is that Ronda Rousey would end up teaming with The Rock to take on the team of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon when she finally arrived in WWE. That match was set up a few years ago at WrestleMania 31, but he may not be the only option to side with Rousey in April.

According to Sports Illustrated, sources close to WWE have said that one of these four men will partner with Rousey:

  • The Rock
  • Kurt Angle
  • Shane McMahon
  • Seth Rollins
The Rock is the top choice of WWE, but as previously reported, his current film commitments may keep him out of the ring. If he can't do it, rumor has it that Kurt Angle is the next choice that WWE would want to have teamed with Rousey.

According to a report from WrestleZone, though, WWE is going in a different direction with both Angle and Seth Rollins. Obviously, there is a connection between the two men as Rollins previously partnered with Jason Jordan, Angle's "son," which didn't end too well.

Braun Strowman was not on Sports Illustrated's list, but he could end up being a viable option. Shane McMahon seems to be somewhat out of left field since he has been busy with the Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn storyline for months on SmackDown Live.

WWE isn't likely going to get the real ball rolling with confirmed matches at WrestleMania 34 until after the Elimination Chamber, but they're already working on them. Ronda Rousey's signing is one of the biggest in a long time, and they want to make sure her first match is a good one. Now, it's all a matter of which of the four rumored names will she partner with to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in April.