Weekend Snowstorm To Interrupt Spring-Like Weather In Northeast: Snow Total Forecast For DC, PA, NY, CT, MA

A winter reboot is on the way as the spring-like temperatures that have seeped into the Northeast in the last few days will be interrupted by a snowstorm. The same line of storms that blanketed Colorado with up to 18 inches of snow is aiming at the Northeast with an expected arrival on Saturday into early Sunday.

The Weather Channel forecasts “light to moderate accumulations of snow along the I-95 corridor from Washington, D.C., to Boston. This is the first “decent blanket of snow in over a month” in this area.

Snow Accumulations Expected

According to ABC News, a winter storm watch has already been posted for a portion of the I-95 corridor through Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. This storm is expected to bring up to one inch in Washington, D.C., one to three inches in Philadelphia, two to four inches in New York City, four to seven inches in Hartford, and three to six inches in Boston.

While the snow is coming back to the region, the frigid temperatures of last month are not. Temperatures will remain “mild” and hover just around the freezing mark. This means that most of the major roadways will be wet instead of those treads of ice-packed snow that covered the pavement in the region during that cold spell.

Snow on covered bridge in New England

Snowstorm Timeline

Snow is expected to start in Washington, D.C., at about 5 p.m. on Saturday, moving up to New York City by about 8 p.m. on Saturday night, with Boston seeing the start of the snow around midnight. The heaviest snow is expected inland, west of the big cities of Washington, D.C., and Philidelphia.

Snow will be heaviest north of New York City and west of Boston, where local accumulations of seven inches are expected. The good news is there is no rush hour involved in this storm, as this is a weekend snowstorm. Due to the mild temperatures, this is not a storm that is expected to leave a long impact on the area.

This storm will not resemble some of the notorious storms that have hit the area on Presidents Day in the past. Without anything blocking the upper atmosphere over the northern Atlantic Ocean, this will be a quick-moving storm.

There are some “lingering uncertainties in the placement and amount of snow with this system,” but this is expected to be a quick-moving bout of wintry precipitation starting on Saturday, reports the Weather Channel. It is time to get out the shovels once again as the storm takes aim for the region.