Trump's Latest Approval Rating Almost Soars Over 50 Percent -- What's Behind The Rising Popularity?

Chris van Buren

There's always a first time for everything. Even for the perennially infamous president of the United States of America.

Amid the scandals that have been hurled left and right against his administration – lately being those domestic abuse allegations at his two top staffers – U.S. President Trump's latest approval ratings seem to have finally risen and dropped its anchor. Well, at least for now.

The latest Politico/Morning Consult poll indicated that 47 percent of the voters has given their stamp of approval on Trump's position as the president. Meanwhile, the ones who disapproved of him remains unchanged.

In addition, the poll has revealed that 42 percent didn't have any idea or opinion as to how the Trump administration is handling the recent Staff Secretary Rob Porter allegations. Of this, 33 percent of the voters somewhat or strongly approved while 26 percent strongly or somewhat disapproved.

If we're simply to base the ratings on recent headlines, one must say that the Trump administration is clearly heading to an even more troubled path. With Porter's departure, Chief of Staff John Kelly's losing steam from his supporters, and Trump's unsympathetic approach to the former's victim of abuse, everyone is wondering as to why the current administration is now showing an ounce of improvement.

So what's really behind the driving force of Trump's bounceback? There are now three potential reasons for this uptick: namely, the economy, the relative exhaustion, and the balance.

At the moment, the U.S. economy is performing relatively well and continues to do so for the past months. Meanwhile, the skyrocketing in Republican numbers has also been associated with the tax bill that was passed back in December. Although initially unpopular, the bill has become more popular as voters may have now seen its handsome benefits.

The recent polling can also be largely attributed to the eventual "exhaustion" of the Trump administration's scandals. Many may opine that right after this exhaustion, voters may have been left with nothing but lessened anger.

Ultimately, Trump and the Republican Party may now be heading toward a so-called balance of sorts. As for the president, he may have already hit the ground in terms of showing his dismal ratings, while his party, on the other hand, has come to unite, despite its misgivings on Trump.