‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Recap: Episode 11 — Cooking High

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The chefs on Top Chef: Colorado made their way to Telluride tonight, as the finals on Top Chef Season 15 kicked off. With that being said, the winner of Last Chance Kitchen re-entered the competition. They tried to give these chefs a run for their money, but who got eliminated on Top Chef: Colorado tonight? Find out the Episode 11 results from tonight below in our Top Chef spoilers.

Last week on Top Chef Season 15, the chefs started out by creating a dish that was inspired by one of their nightmares. Chris won the Quickfire Challenge and a $5,000 credit to Craftsy.com. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs had to create a dish that told the culinary journey of their time on Top Chef: Colorado. The winning dishes came from Joe, Carrie, and Adrienne, who all earned a spot in the finals. That meant Bruce and Chris had the least favorite dishes of the night. The judges discussed and it was Bruce eliminated, as he headed off to Last Chance Kitchen, whose winner returns to the competition tonight.

Quickfire Challenge

The chefs headed to New Sheridan Historic Bar to meet Padma Lakshmi. For this challenge, the chefs would create a gastropub-inspired dish featuring sarsaparilla. The chefs drew knives and got to pick their ingredients for this dish. Before the challenge started, the winner of Last Chance Kitchen returned to the competition, as Joseph Flamm was back on Top Chef Season 15. Since he missed picking the ingredients, he got to take one ingredient from each chef. He took Carrie’s protein, so she was left with no meat.

Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Episode 11 Recap
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After cooking their dishes in the streets of Telluride, the judges tasted all of the dishes. The least favorite dishes came from Adrienne and Joseph. The favorite dishes came from Chris, Joe, and Carrie. The winning dish came from Carrie, who won $10,000.

Elimination Challenge

For this challenge on Top Chef: Colorado, they had to create a high-concept dish to serve at Alpino Vino, which is North America’s highest restaurant at 12,000 feet. The judges warn them that cooking at such a high altitude is no joke. They also have to include a baked element on their plate.


After spending the day practicing their cooking in such a high altitude, a new day arrived and it was challenge day. The chefs headed up to the restaurant and began cooking their dishes. The judges arrived and it was time to taste the dishes they came up with tonight on Top Chef: Colorado.

  • Joseph – They thought the flavor was nice with the baked element, but more of a crumble than a biscuit. Tom liked the textures of his dish.
  • Carrie – Padma said the dish does not have a distinct point-of-view. They said she executed the baked element very well. Tom actually really enjoyed the whole dish.
  • Joe – They said the duck was cooked very nicely. The puff was dry and they said you could tell it was cooked in high altitudes. They thought it was one of his best dishes this season.
  • Adrienne – Padma said she really loved this dish. They love that she adapted the bread to the altitude. Tom said she put together a great, fine dining dish, but it was not an exciting dish.
  • Chris – They said the dish itself was delicious, but frying quail was risky. Tom said the quail was overcooked.
Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Episode 11 Recap 2
Featured image credit: Paul TrantowBravo

Judges’ Table

The chefs returned in front of the judges and Tom Colicchio said that these were the best dishes of the season and he was glad to see them finally cooking up to their potential. The top dishes tonight came from Joseph, Joe, and Adrienne. They loved all of the dishes, but the winning chef was Joe. That meant Chris and Carrie had the least favorite dishes of the night. The judges were very torn on who to send home, but it was Chris eliminated tonight on Top Chef Season 15.

Top Chef: Colorado airs on Wednesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.