Kristen Bell Pens Letter To Engaged Couple, Shares Tips From Healthy Marriage With Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell might have gone into the wrong profession. The actress shared a letter she had written to a couple about to get married on social media yesterday, and the extremely enlightening message has some thinking Kristen would have been a superb relationship expert.

According to Kristen’s Instagram post, a “nice man” asked her if she would write a letter to friends of his who were about to tie the knot. It’s unknown if Kristen knew any of these three people, but it appeared to be random.

Kristen wrote one draft expressing her congratulations, and then realized she had much more to say so scrapped it and started over. She referred to herself as “an old married woman” and shared her wisdom with the couple, which was based on her successful and healthy married to husband Dax Shepard.

The letter was perfect for Valentine’s Day and was broken down into six separate tips. The first tip encouraged the couple to be vulnerable, which Kristen said leads to a deeper connection and intimacy. She encouraged the couple to always be vulnerable with one another, something too many couples struggle with.

The second tip reminded the anonymous couple to remember that they are lucky to have one another and that the journey of life is much better when you have someone to share it with.

Kristen went on to suggest they take some time apart. For some couples, spending time apart is difficult, but Kristen feels it is a necessity to make a healthy marriage work. She also encouraged the couple to love one another despite their faults.

“Loving someone despite their faults, failings, or character defects, is the most powerful loving thing you can do.”

Another important word of advice was Kristen’s suggestion that the couple allows one another their own personal interests, and to embrace them. She hinted that when an individual has their own hobby in a relationship and something that is just theirs, makes for a stronger bond altogether.

Her last words to the couple were to remind them that everyone is “doing the best they can,” and encouraged them to “get a bigger emotional toolbox.”

The powerful letter was received with love from all of Kristen’s followers, and the post was liked almost 160,000 times. The message was met with hundreds of heart emojis in the comment section, as fans complimented Kristen on her wise words and successful marriage with Dax.

Fans of Kristen’s who have been married for decades agreed with her advice and noted her tips were also the keys to their own successful marriages.

“This is perfect. As a woman married for twenty years…who has navigated the bumpy moments as well as celebrated the shared and individual joys with my husband, I concur,” one fan commented on the post.

In addition to the touching letter, Kristen also shared a photo spread of she and Dax for Valentine’s Day. The 10-photo spread was full of silly moments, as the actress thanked her husband for their wonderful marriage.