Old Dog Teaches A Young Pup New Tricks: Simon Shows Daisy How To Walk Down The Stairs

An adorable dog named Simon was captured on video teaching young pup Daisy how to master walking down the stairs. The viral video was first posted on YouTube right after Christmas, but did not garner online fame until late this week when Reddit and Gawker users fell in love with the adorable impromptu doggie training session.

The video of the dogs on the stairs was posted by Tim Doucette. Simon is a lab mix rescue and Daisy is a foster pup from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in Winnipeg, according to details shared in the video caption.

After a long hard work week, the smile generating video of Simon and Daisy is a must see. The video begins with Daisy whining at the top of the stairs. It is easy to see the little Labrador wants to come downstairs and get a few loving pats and maybe a treat, but she just can’t seem to overcome her fear of taking that big first step.

Enter Simon, the older and wiser dog of the household. Simon goes up and down the stairs in an apparent effort to soothe Daisy’s fears and show her that the big bad staircase can easily be maneuvered. Simon does his teacher bit then walks off camera, only to be drawn back into the scene once again by his little pal’s canine please and the request of his human caregiver for more assistance.

At one point, Daisy appears to give up and wanders off to a hallway corner to pout, Simon comes to her rescue once again and gently nuzzles her back to the top of the staircase. It takes Simon more than a few trips up and down the stairs to convince Daisy that all is well and to follow his learned example.

Viewer Warning

The video of Simon and Daisy is so doggone adorable you will be forced to watch it more than once, so don’t forget those potatoes you have boiling on the stove.

Secondly, ff you have pets in the room when you watch the dog stairs video, it might be wise to turn down the volume. The sad whines of little Daisy will surely attract your own furry family members to huddle next to the laptop table.

As luck would have it, my parrot’s name is Daisy, so every time the dog lovers in the video called the little pup’s name in an attempt to coax her down the stairs, the parrot thought I wanted her, so she squawked and flew onto my own laptop table.

Consider yourself warned.