Colony Of 9,000 Penguins Discovered In Antarctica By NASA Satellite

NASA researchers discovered a never-before-seen colony of 9,000 penguins in Antarctica. The Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica satellite did not spot the adorable penguins living on the land of ice at first, the initial images zoned in on a multitude of penguin feces.

The NASA staffers first zoned in on the possible colony of 9,000 penguins in 2009, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that a human was able to make contact with the Emperor penguins of Antarctica, The Blaze notes. Confirmation of the massive colony of penguins occurred when the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica team visited late last month, reports.

Expedition leader Alain Hubert had this to say about finding the penguin colony:

“I knew from last year’s satellite study that there could potentially be an Emperor colony east of Derwael ice rise. Because we were operating not far from this satellite location, I decided to force the way and try to access this remote and unknown place. The surprise was even more than all I could have expected or dreamed bout. I realized while counting the penguins that this was a very populated colony.”

Hubert also not that the first group of penguins in the colony the team encountered were comprised of at three quarters by chicks. The Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Team used the fecal staining photos from the NASA satellite to track the location of the colony of 9,000 penguins.

The entire coastline in the continental region was analyzed and visually checked by spectral analysis. The chilly hike by the dedicated team brought forth some incredible images of the incredibly large colony of penguins living a calm existence far away from man.