Chase Chrisley Finally Reveals His Girlfriend In Instagram Post

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Chase Chrisley has hinted at a girlfriend before but never admitted details on her. She hasn’t bee on the show Chrisley Knows Best at all. Now, on Valentine’s Day he is finally speaking out and showing off who the girl in his life is and a few details. Chase posted a picture of them on his Instagram page.

Chase didn’t actually share much information about her, but if you go to Brooke’s page, it is obvious that she has been in his life for a while now. She has posted a few pictures with Chase including one in Jamaica. This was clear back in March of 2017 so almost a year ago. She has also been posting pictures since July of 2016 that show her with a dog that appears to be Chase’s dog he has on the show all the time. Maybe she avoided posting Chase, but this is a huge hint.

Brooke is from Atlanta, Georgia. This could explain a bit of why Chase has stayed back a lot instead of being in Nashville with his entire family. She shares a lot about music, going to the beach and of course food just like everyone else on Instagram. It looks like she enjoys having a good time. A few pictures look like they might have Chase in them, but you can simply see an arm or something not his entire body or face.

It does look like these two have been together for a while now, but for some reason, it took Chase Chrisley this long to start sharing about her. Hopefully, this means that Brooke will be joining the show or that Chase will at least be sharing more about her in the future. Everyone would love to get to know the girl that has won Chase over and find out the details of their relationship. Chase has been private so far.

Happy Valentines Day to this one! Thank you for being my rock ❤️ @b_noury

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Maybe Chase Chrisley will decide to bring Brooke Noury on the new season of Chrisley Knows Best. The fans would love to get to see a bit of her and learn who the special girl is in Chase’s life. Don’t miss Chrisley Knows Best when it returns to USA with new episodes.