‘Young And The Restless’ News: Michael Muhney Returns To Twitter, Still Hopes To Play Adam Newman

Angela WeissGetty Images

For nearly three months, Michael Muhney has been silent on his Twitter feed, driving up weekly speculations that he is returning to The Young and the Restless to reprise his role as Adam Newman.

Muhney and Adam Newman fans alike were happy to see that the actor has finally returned to Twitter on Valentine’s Day. His last post was a video of his son Truman reciting a poem on Thanksgiving. What does Muhney have to say, and will he be returning as Adam Newman anytime soon?

After nearly 12 weeks of absolute silence, Michael Muhney posted a message of love to his adoring fans for Valentine’s. He wanted to send affection to his loyal fans for their continuous support, whether it be for his return to Y&R as Adam Newman or for his other endeavors. Most of all, he encouraged his followers to use the social media channel for positive and loving reasons.

“Hey ‘Happy Valentine’s you Knuckleheads’ Today’s a day of LOVE…wanted to let y’all know HOW MUCH I (heart emoji) ur support & encouragement, whether it be most of u cheering for a #YR return or just cheering me in general. Keep using Twitter as a place to lift each other up” #Love (Heart emoji)”


Michael Muhney did not explain his extended Twitter absence, nor did he reveal what he has been doing with this time. Fans are beginning to wonder if he’s finally returned to the CBS soap or if could he guest starring on another show, just as he had in a recent Good Doctor episode. Could he have just been frustrated by the wait to return to the CBS show?

When Muhney was on the Pelican Brief podcast with Phil Gaimon, he explained how being on a soap was detrimental to working in primetime. Now that he has had one successful primetime guest role, could he possibly be working on a pilot for a new show and cannot talk about it?


Nonetheless, whether he took time off for personal reasons or professional ones, Michael Muhney is keeping completely silent.

For some time now, Muhney has been regularly posting on Twitter, often several times a day. Rarely has he gone more than a week without a photo of his kids, him and his friends on intense bike rides, or a tidbit about his daily life. Right now, his extended silence may be a case that only the X-Files could solve because he has not explained anything.

What may be distressing Young and the Restless fans is that Melissa Claire Egan, who played Chelsea, is leaving the CBS show. Many predictions had Chelsea and Adam reuniting. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, without Chelsea, head writer Mal Young may not see fit to resurrect Adam Newman. Perhaps Young will use this as an opportunity to bring Adam Newman back.

While Michael Muhney’s return to Twitter has been welcome, he has still not answered any questions. Fans may hope that Muhney has been silent because of exiting return news that he is not allowed to leak, but they may once again get nothing but unfulfilled rumors.